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On my radio show — 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on satellite radio and at FOXNews.com — we have a "Gibson was right" segment.

It goes like this: I make a fearless prediction or I opine on some matter or another, and we wait a few days and see how things work out. I'm not bragging, but I have a very high batting average.

Today's "Gibson was right" was the fact that terrorists wanted Democrats to win — and Bush to lose — as much or more than Democrats did. I'm not trying to insult Democrats, but look at today's tape from the Al Qaeda terrorist al-Masri.

Who was right? The people who wrote in condemning me for saying the terrorists wanted Americans to vote Democrat, or me?

Turns out it was me.

Somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan, the tall bearded founder of Al Qaeda is jumping up and down in celebration.

Saddam Hussein is saying you may hang me, but I got to live to see Bush beat.

Rummy is skulking away from the Pentagon, which made vicious war on terrorists.

And the terrorists are saying Allah Akbar that the American voters delivered them a victory.

There is only one way for them to eat their words: to gulp down a dose of humble. And that is for the Democrats to abandon their anti-war election rhetoric, recognize this is now their war to win too, and help President Bush and the Iraqis make this go quickly and go well.

I encourage my Democrat friends, fellow countrymen all, to set aside their election rhetoric and think long and hard about the consequences of a too early Iraq withdrawal.

Don't give Usama and Saddam a reason to smile.

Have a nice weekend.

That's My Word.

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