A poll this week from USA Today/Gallup shows President Obama enjoying impressive favorable ratings from most Americans. And those who view him as "strong and decisive" are up 12 percent from October.

I wish I could feel so giddy. Unlike the white haired disciple on MSNBC who gets a tingle up his leg when he hears the president read from a teleprompter, I only get a sharp pain in my gut. And this week has made me believe more than ever that the appropriate adjectives to describe the president's polices are not "strong and decisive" but "wrong and divisive."

The spending orgies have been disturbing enough. Add to that a level of government intervention and control of business and we're starting to look like Europe.

But the president's turning loose detailed intelligence documents, and then toying with the ridiculous notion of allowing criminal prosecutions for CIA and Bush administration officials for carrying out orders to combat terrorism has made me realize that we may have elected Barack Obama to sing on stage. But the Phantom of the Opera might be George Soros, the angry billionaire who has more money than he does decency and fronts his organization MoveOn.org, which ought to be renamed turnback.ugh, since he seems obsessed with the other George, as in Bush, who isn't even president anymore.

The whole MoveOn deal started when Soros spent a bunch of his money to tell America to forget that Bill Clinton had lied under oath in the Lewinsky scandal and we just needed to move on.

I hope that Soros will either move on or better yet, go broke. It would appear that Barack Obama is allowing the Soros agenda to be his, and it defies the kind of government he promised.

Barack Obama is the president and he has a right to push his agenda, even though some of us think that gargantuan spending and borrowing and smiling and making nice with despots is just plain wrong.

But he promised an administration that would rise above the old politics of Washington, and thus far, his has been so harshly partisan that one has to long for the old politics, because the new version is stunningly divisive.

According to the polls, I'm in the minority. That's okay. I usually have been. And according to the new and depraved Department of Homeland Security, I need to be on their watch list of people they are really, really afraid of since I'm one of those scary people who believe in God — I'm pro-life, a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, a person who believes that the Second Amendment is as important as the first and that without one, we probably won't have the other very long.

But know that I don't want to change America with bullets, but I sure hope to with ballots — lots of them.

That's my view, I would love to hear yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com