I Think Republicans Are Focusing on the Wrong Race

I think Republicans are focusing on the wrong race.

The White House is important.

But losing, and likely losing big, in the House and Congress, well, right now, that's more important.

Some telling signs of late.

A Mississippi congressional seat that was assumed a Republican lock was un-locked yesterday.

Democrat Travis Childers trouncing Republican Greg Davis, by 54 to 46 percent.

This, in a district that voted for President Bush by a 25 point margin.

And Real Clear Politics' Reid Wilson reports this conservative Democrat won, get this in many rural counties once considered Republican strong-holds.

No more.

And no longer unusual.

Keep in mind, Republicans have already lost two other special elections in Illinois and Louisiana.

Now three House seats do not a general election make, but they do make for trends.

And disturbing trends at that for a Republican Party hell-bent on keeping the White House, but forgetting even a victory there is meaningless if the other guys can stop you every step of the way in their house... Congress.

After all, Democrats are a mere handful of votes away from locking in a veto-proof and filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in the Senate.

And that, again, on top of very real gains, ahead of the election, in the House.

I know the presidency gets all the press.

But it's Congress that passes all the laws.

Republicans would be wise to remember that.

Democrats, clearly, haven't forgotten that.

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