I Have Not Called for a Boycott

Thanks to The L.A. Times today. The paper printed a retraction and correction Thursday after mistakenly reporting that I had called for a boycott against several retail chains for not saying "Merry Christmas."

I have pointed out who is saying what, but I have not called for a boycott.

Nor do I want to call for one.

The reason is simple. The way the store chains learn they made a mistake is that people spontaneously react, as people have to the latest round of news that certain retail chains have expunged the word Christmas from their stores.

People have objected and those policies have been changing over the last couple weeks. "Merry Christmas" signs rushed to Sears, Target softened its policy and Macy's already did after a blowup last year.

The point is people should do this on their own without me or Bill O'Reilly calling for a boycott.

The store chain has its free speech. And you have your right to spend your money where you want, and don't spend it where you don't want. Figure it out for yourselves.

You'll do just fine without me screeching for a boycott.

You can't help but notice the change. And frankly, I can't help but wonder if the people who dreamed up these daffy rules about no Christmas are getting called onto the carpet and maybe, just maybe, fired, canned, dumped, severed, given the heave-ho.

Again, I'm not calling for people to be fired but I bet it happens.

The diversity officer in the H.R. department at Wal-Mart who thought it was best to dump Christmas so the shopper who is coming in to buy gifts for his day of the dead celebration — they really did say that — that person needs a severe talking to.

The truth is these corporate policies are made by H.R. departments and the diversity officer, and only after they are exposed to the light of day in the store does anybody find out if it was the right thing to do.

In this case, the idea that Christmas has to go in the name of inclusiveness. That was dumb because it doesn't recognize that you don't achieve more inclusiveness by excluding the Christians and their Christmas.

That's My Word.

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