I guess it's just an inconvenient truth. Sometimes it's too convenient to forget the truth. Too convenient to lump me in with some right-wing cabal here to destroy the White House.

Conveniently forgetting the times I’ve commended the White House. For putting everything on budget, and making sure nothing was off budget. For backing a press secretary who had it with cell phones.

And a top economic advisor who had it with vague numbers. That stuff gets lost when you want to build a case. About a show that goes after government spending under this president now.

Conveniently forgetting this is the same show that went after government spending with the president before this one now. That we were criticizing rescues that weren't rescuing long before these guys came to the rescue.

And bailouts that themselves needed bailing out long before these guys were bailing out. Some see what they want. And pound what they wish.

They ignore our coverage of Republicans whose numbers didn't add up. And reports on brave Democrats and Republicans whose own alternative numbers did. I don't see red. I don't see blue. I only see green.

Who's looking out for Americans' hard-earned green. And who is not. Plain and simple. Fair and balanced. Like it. Or not.

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