I Am Not Abandoning Jesus by Having Obama Girl on the 'Huckabee' Show

Amber Ettinger is the Obama Girl, made famous from her self-styled YouTube sensation video that depicted her mad crush on then-presidential candidate Barak Obama. After his first year in office, she made a new splash by publicly discussing her disappointment in his presidency.

She was a guest on this show a couple of weeks ago, but her appearance sparked a very strong and mostly critical reaction. Much of the heat was directed at me for what the viewers perceived as abandonment of my Christian principles.

I don't hide the fact that I am a Jesus person -- a true believer in Him. My show will always treat faith in a positive and encouraging way. It's not a religious show, nor is the Fox News Channel a religious network, but our viewers tend to be typical of most Americans, which means they believe in God, traditional moral values and love their families and country.

Miss Ettinger is a very intelligent, courteous and thoughtful person who brilliantly navigated herself from being a young, obscure, aspiring entertainer to a national celebrity by her own clever creativity. Some thought that she was promoting promiscuity. Not at all: She is about political satire, not pornography. Given contemporary culture, her performance as the Obama Girl was actually quite tame and I was pleasantly surprised to find her a highly informed and articulate young person. I honestly wish all voters were so knowledgeable of the issues.

To those who felt that her brief appearance on my show signaled my abandoning Jesus, I strongly beg to differ. Some of the e-mails forcefully stated that Jesus wouldn't have anything to do with Obama Girl — I guess because of her song or her attire. I must have read a different version of the New Testament, because Jesus was all about focusing on the very people that the religious people rejected, whether ne'er-do-well tax collectors like Zaccheus, a woman at the well caught in the very act of adultery, Mary Magdalene (who had a salacious reputation) or even social outcasts like lepers. Jesus said that like a physician, he didn't come for the people who were feeling all good about themselves, but for the sick. He didn't come for the righteous, but for the sinners.

By the way, Amber Ettinger did not come across at all like some wild child. I wish all people her age were as polite, gracious and well-informed as she is.

For me, being Christian doesn't mean that I isolate myself from others; it means that I know that I too am a sinner and so I don't mind associating with people who are different than me. I figure if Jesus can love and forgive me, he must love everyone, and if He loves somebody, the least I can do is love them too.

That's my view, I welcome yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com

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