Husband, Wife Shootout Leaves New Hampshire Woman Dead After Argument

A Newbury man shot and killed his wife after she fired a shotgun blast at him during an argument, police said.

Karen Dion, 38, was killed Sunday in her driveway.

In a statement, authorities said Dion's husband, Gary Dion, 37, called police around 2:30 p.m. to report shots fired at their home. Arriving officers found Mrs. Dion's body in the driveway.

Police say the exchange of gunfire was prompted by a dispute between husband and wife.

"After that dispute, Mrs. Dion retrieved a shotgun and fired it at Mr. Dion, who was outside clearing the driveway," said a statement from the attorney general's office and police. "Mr. Dion then retrieved his own firearm and after being confronted by Mrs. Dion, who still had her shotgun, he shot and killed her in the driveway of their home."

Dion, who had been using a snowblower, was not injured, said Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin.

Dion has not been charged as the investigation continues. He was not armed when police arrived, Strelzin said, and was released Sunday night after questioning.

Strelzin said many details had not been pinned down, or could not be released as police investigate.

Strelzin told WMUR-TV that Mrs. Dion fired at her husband from a balcony, and that Gary Dion then got a handgun from his vehicle and shot her near a garage.

He could not elaborate on Karen Dion's wound, the number of shots fired or the nature of the dispute.

"Generally, we are looking into their relationship, their history, which will include talking to neighbors, family and friends," Strelzin said.

Strelzin said as far as they know, no one else saw the incident, and police were canvassing the neighborhood to see if anyone heard anything.

He said the home is on Mountain Road, off Route 103, and can be seen by at least one other home.