As recovery efforts continue in the Gulf Coast, the public health crisis wrought by the storm continues to unfold. With flooding slowly receding in New Orleans, health officials have shifted the focus of their concern from the disease threat posed by the polluted flood waters to the utter destruction of the city's health care infrastructure, the cost and delivery of basic health care to the storm's displaced evacuees, and the mental health needs of Katrina's traumatized victims.

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Sept. 16

Dr. Manny Alvarez: New Orleans: Unsung Heroes, Unfounded Rumors

Sept. 15

Uninsured Get Medical Care After Katrina

Sept. 14

Feds Plan to Ensure Flu Shots for Evacuees

Sept. 13

Lingering Katrina Health Effects Expected to Strain a Destroyed System

Families Separated By Storm My Be Emotionally Scarred

Sept. 12

Medicaid Eases Sign-up for Katrina Evacuees

Katrina Displaces Thousands of HIV-AIDS Patients

Sept. 10

Public Health Crisis Still Threatens Gulf Coast

Sept. 9

Doctor: Public Health Crisis Developing in Mississippi

Sept. 8

Bacteria in Waters 10X Safe Levels

Toxins in Floodwaters Kill Five

Aiding Victims Helps Americans Cope With Katrina

Dr. Manny Alvarez: Looking Into the Eyes of the Storm

Sept. 7

Feds Launch Katrina Crisis Hotline

Five Katrina Deaths Linked to Improper Use of Electricity Generators

USNS Comfort May Serve As Respite for Responders

Five Deaths Linked to Polluted Flood Water

Sept. 6

At Shelters, Katrina Health Crisis Continues

CDC Urging Katrina Victims to Update Vaccinations

Waterborne Bacterial Infection May Have Caused Deaths

Report: E. Coli in New Orleans

Sept. 5

Docs' Katrina Relief Efforts Hampered

Astrodome Triage Center Treating Hundreds

Sept. 2

New Orleans Engulfed in Public Health Emergency

First Person: Nurse Caring for Refugees Shares Experience

Katrina Refugees Deal With Health, Emotions at an Atlanta Recreation Center

Stranded New Orleans Hospitals Evacuated After Five-Day Ordeal

Officials Try to Prevent Medical Crisis

Medical Experts: Katrina Health Aftermath Worsens

Medical Supplies Enroute to New Orleans, Mississippi

Sept. 1

Marooned Doctors Beg for Help

'Health Emergency' Declaration Gives Special Powers to Victims

Public Health Disaster in New Orleans

Aug. 31

Fast Facts: Hurricane Katrina, Health Aftermath

Water and Food Safety After a Hurricane