Some say high-stakes testing is to blame for cheating in the classroom. But in this case, it's not the students getting caught — it's the teachers.

A recent study shows as many as 200 teachers in California were caught cheating to help their students perform better on rigorous new standardized tests, which are part of the President Bush's "No Child Left Behind (search)" education plan, which calls for greater accountability among teachers.

Since the law was implemented, more teachers have been caught helping students cheat in about a dozen states around the country.

Some say the new standardized tests are a fair and accurate way to assess learning. But others say they put an enormous amount of pressure on teachers to make sure students pass, because if they don't, the whole school might end up facing consequences.

As for punishing teachers who have been caught cheating, the state of California says it's up to local districts to decide what to do. Some have been fired and some have even received jail time.

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