As you may know, some in the left-wing press are blaming me for inciting the murder of late-term abortionist Dr. George Tiller. A domestic terrorist shot the doctor dead and zealots say my reporting on Tiller motivated the man, even though there is absolutely no evidence of that. The accusers object to my using the term "Tiller the baby killer," which was the doctor's well-known nickname, which is in context because the state of Kansas has produced compelling evidence that Tiller sometimes terminated viable fetuses for trivial reasons. And the process was brutal.


KELLY, RECEIVED ABORTON BY TILLER: Dr. Tiller came in and injected into the amniotic sac saline solution which suffocated and burned my baby to death.


Now, the only press organizations we could find critical of Tiller while he was alive are The Washington Times and the Topeka Capital Journal. All the rest, all the other media, either supported Tiller's brutal activities or stayed silent.

Remember, The Times estimates that Tiller aborted approximately 60,000 fetuses in his life, becoming a multimillionaire in the process. Presently, about five doctors in America — only five — will abort late-term fetuses, unless the mother or baby is in catastrophic danger. But the media will never tell you that. Instead, I am the villain, not Dr. Tiller.

So what do we make of Roger Ebert saying that I am a danger to society? In his column, Ebert never mentioned Tiller's gruesome practice, so I guess he approves of it. How about PBS ombudsman Ken Bode, who says I promoted domestic terrorism? PBS did a program sympathetic to Tiller. We asked Mr. Bode to come on "The Factor" to explain. We hope he will be man enough to do it. What about Joy Behar, who apparently never met an abortion she didn't support?


JOY BEHAR, "VIEW" CO-HOST: Bill O'Reilly, for example, was accused of fanning the flames against this abortion doctor. He denies it. He says it's free speech and everything. Do you think that he fans the flames or people like that?

ELISABETH HASSELBECK, "VIEW" CO-HOST: I don't think he did in that case. Bill O'Reilly has a right to his opinion about this — about the abortions that Dr. Tiller performed and the lives that were lost.

BEHAR: Well, then he should do his research. He needs research.


Do the research? What nonsense. Everything we reported about Tiller is true. Everything. And we're the only TV news operation with the guts to report it, and that is the crux of the matter.

Evidence shows that Tiller was a gross human rights violator. Yet because most media people are pro-choice, they looked away. Now they are trying to justify their apathy by attacking us. Even Barbara Walters, whom we respect, cannot bring herself to acknowledge the truth.


BARBARA WALTERS: You know, we are fond of Bill. We argue with Bill. But I think to use the word "baby killer," I wish that Bill hadn't. I wish he could have expressed his opinion in a different way.


To be fair to Ms. Walters, we called her up and asked how she would describe Tiller. She told us she would call him a late-term abortion doctor.

But that doesn't tell the story, does it? We are talking about a man who destroyed late-term fetuses who could live out of the womb for casual reasons.

The truth often hurts, especially when an ideological media tries to hide it.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

In the wake of 9/11, authorities brought in a number of dogs to try to find survivors and locate bodies. One of the most effective dogs was a German shepherd named Tracker from Nova Scotia, Canada. Recently, Tracker passed away, and there is no doubt that he was a patriot. But get this: They cloned Tracker, and now there are five little T-dogs. Is that amazing or what?

On the pinhead front, you'll recall this.



BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Now, where were we? That was pretty impressive, wasn't it?


Now, after the president executed the fly, the zealots at PETA objected — this is true — saying Mr. Obama could have taken a more humane attitude toward the fly. PETA also sent Mr. Obama a bug catcher, and I'm sure he'll carry it around wherever he goes.

Now, there's no truth to the rumor Mr. Obama sent PETA back a loon catcher, because they are obviously pinheads. You think I make it up. I don't make it up.

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