Hulk's Ex-Wife Linda Causes Chaos at Sundance | More D-Listers Descend Upon Sundance | Whitney Port's Beau Booted for Mariah

Hulk's Ex-Wife Linda Causes Chaos at Robert Redford's Film Festival “Un-American”

Has the Sundance Film Festival lost its prestige? Is it the economy, inauguration or over commercialization of Robert Redford's 25-year-old independent film festival that has alienated the A-list crowd and instead provided a playground for psuedo-celebs to pose and party for well, no real reason at all?

Pop Tarts noticed that the one woman getting most of the attention in the oddly quiet (and much warmer than normal) Park City on Saturday was none other than "Hogan Knows Best" star, Linda Bollea. So what was she doing at a film fest? Like most celebs in town, a whole lot of nothing.

Donning a terrible fur coat and pink lipstick, Bollea paraded her 19-year-old boytoy Charlie Hill up and down Main Street to fully utilize the photo op and at one point traffic controllers had to stop the cars in every direction as so many "fans" and paps were crazily rushing to get a snap of the happy-to-pose twosome. Although perhaps it was more a case of follow the pack as most snappers were asking "Who are we taking a photo of again?"

But Ms. Bollea isn't as "blonde" as she may come across, and the reality star was smart enough to cash in on her (already-expired?) fifteen minutes of fame by stopping off for some swag at Island Def Jam's House of Hype, St. Ives Spa and the Hollywood Life House for a free (of course) Fake Bake tan. Linda even asked the vendors if they wanted to take her picture. How gracious.

Linda's jailbird son Nick also attended the festival and seemed to have no problem with his mama consistently making out with (not to mention canoodling intimately with) her boyfriend who was actually his high school pal. Let's just say their behavior would have been better left for an area of privacy rather than for the pedestrians of Park City.

"He isn't Linda's boytoy anymore," a source close to Bollea told Tarts. "Things between them are very serious."

More D-Listers Descend Upon Sundance ... But Paris Does it in Style

Sundance wouldn't be Sundance if perennial party-princess Paris Hilton didn't make a star-studded appearance and if you thought she was itty-bitty before, you should see her now. Super super-slim Paris flew in on the posh private ExpressJet Friday evening after hanging around the L.A hangar at a VIP cocktail party with 30 tons of real snow, accompanied by the likes of Brittany Snow (plus her co-stars in the Sundance hit "The Vicious Kind") and Demi Moore.

Moore laid low on the trip and was clearly missing her beloved Ashton Kutcher who caught ExpressJet's earlier flight into Salt Lake City. The stunning starlet used every opportunity to chat to her "Spread" star both before take-off and immediately after landing. But in the air the obviously very loved-up Ms. Moore enjoyed a beer while admiring the blown-up desktop pic of her and Kutcher touching tongues. Charming.

The majority of "celebs" strolling the Sundance streets and hitting the hotspots basically had no reason to be in town and were the likes of fired "Danity Kane" diva Aubrey O'Day, George Clooney's former flame Sarah Larson, Tila Tequila's ex Courtneay Semel (who Pop Tarts spied making out with her on-again/off-again heiress lover Casey Johnson at TAO nightclub) and even Kevin Federline's ex Shar Jackson. Shar was apparently so desperate for freebies she drove all the way up with her kids from Los Angeles just to attend the gifting lounges.

So obviously the paps were pretty pleased to finally have the opportunity to harass the slightly more famous Hilton sisters and DJ AM as they picked at their salads as the MySpace Cafe on Saturday.

The winner of Paris's recent "My BFF" show Brittany Flickinger was also arm-in-arm with the hotel heiress every single step of the way, although we don't know if Flickinger is more of a slave than a sisterhood friend. Guests at the Sephora Beauty Lounge were pretty shocked by the way she waited on Miss Hilton hand and foot and did everything that she requested.

Mind you, it was 2 p.m. on a snowy Saturday afternoon and Hilton was strutting about the lounge in a black bodysuit while showing off her fading frame and some serious push-up bra-induced cleavage as she picked up Givenchy goodies. But the heiress had to leave and come back ten minutes later (poor thing) as she was just so overwhelmed with all the attention.

Whitney Port's Beau Booted for Mariah

He dated "Victoria's Secret" Angel Miranda Kerr for over four years, but Jay Lyon is only just coming into fame of his own since appearing on "The Hills" spin-off "The City" as the lover of lead reality star, Whitney Port.

Even though Lyon and Port are all still lovey-dovey on their MTV show we hear things in their, like, real life are already rocky.

We're told Miss Whitney was specifically invited by numerous sponsors to attend the festival but declined at the last minute knowing that Lyon would be there with his "Tamarama" band. But that didn't seem to bother the gorgeous Australian musician who seemed perfectly content hanging with his best friend's girlfriend, "Guess" supermodel Jessica Hart.

The pair was getting plenty of attention at the numerous parties and were given the VIP treatment at Village at the Yard, but their "star" status was put into place on Friday night when they were booted from their booth at the Rock Band Lounge. Lyon, Hart and their posse were forced to MOVE by security to make way for none other than Mariah Carey and hubby Nick Cannon.

Speaking of which, Carey put those pregnancy rumors to rest by literally throwing down the red wine until the early hours, probably in celebration of the rave reviews she earned for her Sundance film "Push" which premiered that evening. Mariah's impressive performance certainly made us wonder whether it was the same person who attempted acting in "Glitter" all those years ago, and even though Carey is known for her divaesque attitude she can actually be seen totally stripped back and (seriously) makeup free in this dramatic flick.

Deidre Behar contributed reporting to Pop Tarts.