Soldiers and Sexiness: Halloween at Hef’s House Will Benefit Wounded Warriors | T.O.’s Friends Wanna 'Kick' Joanna Krupa’s Ass… But She’s Got Something to Say! | Sell the Vatican, Feed the World: Sarah Silverman Mocks Pope in New Viral Video

Soldiers and Sexiness: Halloween at Hef’s House Will Benefit Wounded Warriors 

Halloween night at Hugh Hefner’s not-so-humble abode will still be filled with all the usual suspects - scantily-clad costumed women, bopping blonde bunnies, a Haunted House and Hollywood’s hottest stars.

But while the 31st of October itself isn’t an official Hugh Hefner party, for this year its going to be even more special as the men’s magazine mogul is handing it over to help those who’ve served their country.

SLIDESHOW: Hugh Hefner partying with his many lady friends.

"Hef was kind enough to let the Wounded Warrior Project be a beneficiary on Halloween. Proceeds will help severely wounded veterans that have recently served in Afghanistan and Iraq," Executive Director of the Halloween 09 bash Jose Dominguez told Pop Tarts. (General admission tickets start at $1,000 and go up to $15,000 for VIPs.) "Halloween is the most sought-after night at the Mansion so it was a good opportunity to support our veterans and enjoy a great party at the same time."

We’re also told over 40 wounded soldiers will also attend the scary soiree.

Speaking of Hef, what can we expect from the upcoming season of "The Girls Next Door" now that three new blonde beauties are the stars?

"A lot of fun, a lot of laughter and a lot of lovin’," Hef told us at the FOX REALLY Awards, adding that when it comes to finding girlfriends he looks for ladies that have "good hearts, sincerity, humor, beauty" - oh, and ofcourse blondness.

But for those who grew attached to former flames Holly, Bridget and Kendra - fear not.

"You’ll see all three of them, there are all in it," reassured new number one girlfriend, Crystal Harris.


T.O.’s Friends Wanna Kick Joanna Krupa’s Ass

Controversial footballer Terrell Owens (who recently came under fire for twittering not-so nice things about NBC analyst Rodney Harrison after his team, the Buffalo Bills, lost) was, not surprisingly, more than happy to be back in L.A last week to hang with a bunch of other reality stars at the FOX REALLY Awards.

"We’re not having the best of seasons, to its refreshing to come back here and get a break from football," he said.

And while many on the field are probably pretty frightened of the hot-tempered NFL star (who for the record told us he truly is a "humble" person away from the football field), bikini supermodel Joanna Krupa didn’t think twice about giving him quite a mouthful on ABC’s "The Superstars."

"We are gonna kick her butt, it’s a good thing we weren’t there because we would have kicked her a-s-s," T.O.’s two female friends happily piped in while standing by his side.

However, Krupa ain’t taking no BS.

"As they rightfully stated, they weren't there. Commenting now on my interaction with T.O. on "The Superstars" would be like me commenting on a Rolling Stones backstage party. I am not there, so I am not entitled to a comment and can only let my vivid imagination run wild," Krupa told Tarts. "All we do know for sure though is that T.O. had to G.O. in round 4 and I was left without a partner ... This speaks for itself. As for these two ladies kicking my butt? I'm confused: So T.O has female bodyguards now? I see the recession has made its way to reality TV."

Sell the Vatican, Feed the World: Sarah Silverman Mocks Pope in New Viral Video

Sarah Silverman is known for her controversial comments with the likes of Britney Spears, Sarah Palin and Martin Luther King falling victim to her topical tongue. But in her latest viral video, the comedian has taken aim at the Vatican as the answer to solving the World Hunger Crisis.

"We need a hero and who is more primed to be out hero then the Pope? He is literally a caped crusader. What is the Vatican worth? Like 500 billion dollars? This is great, sell the Vatican," Silverman enthused. "Feed the whole f*ing world. You preach to live humbly and I totally agree, so it’s time for you to move out of your house that is a city."

Silverman then goes on to make a mockery of Catholic values before ending the "prayer" with a serious "Amen."

Earlier this year Silverman stirred controversy with her video about sleeping with God… so what could possibly be next?