So, Howard Kurtz — no relation to Tippy the Turtle, but the resemblance is startling — had Playboy Grotto ghoul Bill Maher on "Reliable Sources" recently and my name came up. Take a peek, take a peekers:


HOWARD KURTZ, HOST 'RELIABLE SOURCES': Another FOX host, Greg Gutfeld, said, "One of the great things about Obama…"


KURTZ: Greg Gutfeld, he's on…

MAHER: Greg Gutfeld?

KURTZ: He's on late at night…

MAHER: Is that a real name? Is this a trick question?

KURTZ: No, no...

MAHER: Come on. You're making up a FOX newscaster. It's OK, I'll go along with it.

KURTZ: "One of the great things about Obama is how he terminated the relevance of Bill Maher. His schtick is just a smirk in a suit."


KURTZ: Are you getting under his skin?

MAHER: I guess so. When you piss off Greg Gutfeld, I think you're doing something right. Who's Greg Gutfeld? I know more about "Jon & Kate" than this guy.


Now, this is awesomely awesome for a variety of reasons that are awesomely awesome.

One, Howard Kurtz must be drunk on hairspray, because he completely misses my point. It wasn't that Maher gets under my skin, it's that he doesn't get under anyone's skin. My point was that Maher's irrelevance has emerged from his fear of upsetting his audience's love for Obama — so much so he's retreated into a bland world of smirks and forced applause.

But I forgive Howie: He was probably blinded by Maher's star power — a bright beacon of celebrity rarely seen on "Reliable Sources," unless of course you count the fiery David Gergen.

And I do.

But even more ridiculous than Kurtz is Maher himself, complaining that his audience is too P.C. to handle jokes about Obama.

What's an "Obama joke," according to Bill? If I remember correctly, it went something like this: Republicans don't like Obama, because they're superstitious about having a "black cat" in the White House.

Now, Maher may call that an Obama joke, but anyone with half a brain (or one half more than Maher's audience) knows it was a lame jab at those racist Republicans. Meanwhile, hairpieces like Kurtz are so clueless that they happily buy into his spin.

Anyway, it hurts my feelings that Maher doesn't believe Greg Gutfeld is a real name. But I forgive him, he probably thinks it's as offensive a name as Jonathan Leibowitz.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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