I once told the story a while back of a guy I worked with. Still do, actually, so let me be careful here. Great guy. I mean a really great guy. Hysterical. He’s a total cut-up. Total flirt with the women. And total goof-off too. And a lot of those close to him know it.

And we don't really mind a bit. Still, he can't be too obvious. Which is why my pal always tries to look busy. Even when he isn't, which again, is quite often.

So he has this little trick. He carries a clipboard with him. And since he's in tech, he often carries a pair of headphones with him too. Suddenly he's like Spielberg: On a mission.

Even though his only mission is checking out interns or weaseling his way into concerts or events.

And the dude gets in. No ID, just the clipboard and headphones. Everyone just assumes he's important. That he's getting something done because he looks busy.

I think Washington uses a similar tactic. Its idea of looking busy is just spending. If you're spending on something, that’s your clipboard. Then you're doing something. Look busy, keep spending.

Busy bodies, all busying themselves in other people's business, with their business, and the people's money.

Now if they were like my friend, it'd just make you laugh. After all, he's just looking for a date. And he will even pay.

Washington just makes me cry, because in the end, we're the ones who have to pay.

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