How War on Christmas Is Helping Huckabee's Campaign

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I hate to say I started this thing that ended up with Mike Huckabee making a commercial with a cross floating around in the background, but I did, and I told you this was going to happen.

This is what the "War on Christmas" was all about, though very few people actually read my book to see what it was about.

I said in that book that it was not a good idea to define religious inclusiveness in our diverse country as including every religion except Christianity.

I said in that book that an over-tweaked sense of political correctness was leading to a feeling that school administrators and municipal officers had to ban any Christian symbol, no matter how remote, such as Santa Claus.

I was trying to tell people that pushing out of sight the symbols of the religion over 80 percent of the country follows was going to lead to trouble and here it is.

Huckabee is onto the game. He understands that Christians feel they are being pushed out of the public square. Crosses must be taken down even if one happens to have appeared in a remote bit of desert owned by the federal government. Merry Christmas suddenly became a hostile challenge instead of a friendly season greeting.

So Huckabee figured he'd tap into all those people out there who have the sense that there isn't anybody in government on their side, willing to stand by a cross, or say the dreaded words "Merry Christmas."

Lots of people tried to shout me down when my book came out, and now they're feeling the backlash.

You thought George W. Bush was an over-the-top messianic Christian crusader that you condemned for the public expression of his faith? Nice going. Somebody just upped the ante.

That's My Word.

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