How to Look Healthy and Red Carpet-Ready for Your Big Event

In 2005, actress Laura Linney described her Oscar-readying process as simply putting on her J. Mendel gown when it arrived.

It might be safe to assume that Linney, who is up for lead actress in Sunday’s Academy Awards, does a little more primping in preparation for Hollywood’s most glamorous night.

But you don’t have to be famous to be red-carpet ready for your big event, according to health and beauty experts.

"The most important thing to do is to make a plan and stick with it," said Dr. Rhoda Narins, a celebrity dermasurgeon and past president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Here is a six-month plan to stay healthy and look like a star on your big night.

Six Months Before

— If you are considering an invasive form of plastic surgery, now is the time to do it, Narins said. You need to give your body time to heal so that you look your freshest on the big day.

— Also, start a routine using a mild cleanser, moisturizing sun block and a retinoid, she added. Make sure to keep it up.

Three Months Before

— If you want to take your skin regime ever further, Narins suggested adding antioxidants, hexapeptides or collagens to the mix.

One Month Before

— Have any non-invasive liposuction done, but make sure it is minimally invasive, Narins said.

One Week Before

— Add more fiber to your diet. High fiber carbohydrates will decrease your chances of bloating and increase your bowel movements to give you that flat stomach you are dreaming of, said Tanya Zuckerbrot, a registered dietician and author of The F-Factor Diet.

— Drink eight glasses of water a day. Water will flush out the body’s toxins as well as give your hair and skin a healthy shine, Zuckerbrot said.

Two to Three Days Before

— Cut back on salt, which can make you bloated, Zuckerbrot said.

— Stop drinking alcoholic beverages, she suggested, especially beer, which is high in calories and carbohydrates.

The Day Before

If you are planning on doing something different to your hair, such as trying a new color or adding extensions, one expert said it is best to do that the day before a big event.

“Hair extensions can be permanent or temporary and they can be used to add volume, length or hair color accents,” said Toma Lee Moore, national artistic and education director for SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions.

Moore said time in a salon can take anywhere from one to four hours, depending on what you have done, so plan accordingly.

You may also want to use this time to book your manicure, pedicure and massage treatments.

The Day Of

— Eat a healthy breakfast, Zuckerbrot said, and stay away from caffeine, which might make you jittery.

— Do a non-aggressive workout, such as yoga or a long walk – it is a great way to relax.

— Think ahead. Zuckerbrot said if you plan to drink, it is a good idea to eat a high-protein snack before heading out.