Right now the Democratic Party holds almost all the cards, as you know. If President Obama is successful turning the economy around, the Dems may become even more dominant in the years to come.

That scenario is not really healthy for the USA, as a vibrant two-party system is needed in order to solve complex problems and prevent the arrogance and corruption of entrenched ideology.

The problem is the Republican Party is in disarray. The Democrats have succeeded in defining the GOP as the party of "no." That is a simple but powerful message.

If Republicans oppose gay marriage, they must articulate a strong, logical reason to successfully shoot down the bigot label that the far left heaps upon them. If conservatives want strict immigration laws, they must say exactly how that would benefit all Americans, or risk losing many Hispanic-American votes.

You just can't oppose. You have to engage.

The Republicans are also missing the one huge opportunity the Democrats are giving them. The loudest voices for the Dems are far-left loons who believe America is a flawed nation.

Here's a good example. The other day, a birthday party concert was held for left-wing singer Pete Seeger, who is 90 years old. Bruce Springsteen among others performed at the concert and then he popped off as he often does:


BRUCE SPRINSTEEN, SINGER: At 90, he remains a stealth dagger through the heart of our country's illusions. He sings all the verses, all the time — especially the ones that we'd like to leave out of our history as people.


That's right, Bruce. We all have false illusions that America is a noble nation, a country that has freed billions of people all over the world at great cost. A country that provides so much opportunity to the poor, that more than 20 million folks have illegally entered the USA.

Do you get that, Bruce? Why don't you take a look at your mansion, nice car, expensive comforts and get a little perspective. You're a working-class guy, right, Bruce? Capitalism combined with your talent has made you a wealthy guy. It would not have happened in Venezuela.

Now, Bruce Springsteen is not exactly a PhD in political science, but his snide reference to America defines how the far left sees this country. And do you know what? Most liberal and conservative Americans disagree with him!

So let me spell this out so that even the Republican leadership can understand it. Get solutions to problems, explain your culture war positions clearly and without spite, and most importantly, stick up for America, because the Democrats are certainly not doing that. Use that strategy, GOP, and you'll get back in the game.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Talk show star Ellen DeGeneres likes to have guests donate things to worthy causes. So recently model Heidi Klum offered the shirt off her back, literally:

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HEIDI KLUM, MODEL: Do you want it right now?

ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: Yeah, I'll cover you up. Go ahead.

KLUM: Seriously?


For her generosity, Ms. Klum is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, another example of savage behavior by the paparazzi, this time actress Halle Berry is the target:



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Back up, back up, back up. Back up, back up. Back up, back up.

BERRY: She's a child. Come on.


Those photographers have absolutely no dignity. They are pinheads.

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