How the Cookie Crumbles

Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

How the Cookie Crumbles

Teresa Heinz Kerry's (search) entry for the Family Circle magazine cookie recipe contest isn't going down easy. Mrs. Kerry's pumpkin spice cookies got bad reviews from her own staff. One aide said, "If you tasted those cookies, you'd think someone was trying to do you harm."

In an interview Mrs. Kerry clears up the mystery. She says the recipe is not hers and someone submitted it without her knowledge.

Name that Tune

After John Edwards (search) spoke at the Democratic National Convention, the Hip Hop group Black Eyed Peas energized the crowd with an upbeat song called, "Let's Get It Started." Brit Hume certainly enjoyed it.

But convention planners apparently didn't realize that the song was originally called, "Let's Get Retarded."

Meet the Reagans

John Kerry (search) appears to be doing well with the Reagans and not just the president's son, Ron. When his campaign bus stopped Friday at a Wendy's in upstate New York, Kerry came across two Republicans named Reagan — Debbie and Earl — that is.

Said Mrs. Reagan — that's Debbie Reagan — "I've always been a Republican, but after the speech Thursday night we made the decision that we were going to vote for Kerry."