How the Bush Haters are Hurting America

Did summer fly by or what? The older we get, the faster it goes. And so, we start a brand new season with a no spin "Talking Points Memo."

How the Bush haters are hurting America. As you may know I've been hard on the far left for its dishonest analysis of what's going in America. And now the Valerie Plame case illustrates my point.

You know, we didn't cover the exposure of Ms. Plame as a CIA agent because we had no idea who did it or why. And speculation is not our game.

Well, finally a few weeks ago, former State Department official Richard Armitage was outed as the leaker after three years of misreporting by the far left. Enterprises like Air America and MSNBC flat out accused the Bush administration, and especially Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, of breaking the law by leaking Plame's name.

So did Robert Seigel, host of NPR's "All Things Considered." And so did the usual irresponsible suspects in the print press.

Cynthia Tucker in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorialized, "The White House and [Karl] Rove have denied for two years that he played any role whatsoever in Plame's exposure.those statements now look like lies."

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said, "I don't know whether Mr. Rove can be convicted of a crime, but there's no question that he damaged national security for partisan advantage."

L.A. Times columnist Robert Scheer, who was fired by the paper, chimed in. "Rove attempted to destroy the credibility of two national security veterans."

Now all of those far left people were wrong and smeared Rove and others. Shouldn't they be forced to apologize? This is dangerous.

All over the world, millions of people believe America is evil, worse than the terrorists. And the unrelenting hate-Bush media in this country fuels that ridiculous concept.

Quite simply, the Bush haters are out of control and are hurting the country. It is patriotic to responsibly disagree with the president or with any administration. But it is wrong to smear public servants in any party.

So "Talking Points" is respectfully asking all of those who erroneously analyze the Plame affair to admit your mistakes, and be more responsible in the future. OK? We'll be waiting.

That's "The Memo."

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