How Much Is That Robot In the Window?

Robots have captured our imaginations for generations. They have won our hearts as well. Some of the most beloved characters in pop culture and fiction have been robots.

But robots have also shown the potential to take over our brains and destroy entire planets. Whew. Take it easy, Big Guy!

Now scientists have unveiled once again plans for caretaker robots that promise to make live easier for all of us.

How about a babysitter robot? Or one that could help police investigate crimes? Or monitor prisoners?

I’m thinking about robots that could even be more practical…mow the lawn…pick the vegetables. WOW! We might not need illegal aliens within a few years! Think about the possibilities! And we could program the robots to speak only ENGLISH!!

SO…maybe robots could work the fast food drive-thru windows and take the toll money, too!

But wait…uh oh. Scientists are worrying about what will happen if robots become autonomous. Right now robots are either connected to a cord or controlled by a remote that HUMANS command. But what happens when the cord is cut? Will robots rebel just like in the movies?

So maybe we should wait a while. What’s the rush? Let’s work out all the bugs first.

In the meantime, I will vacuum my own floors and take care of my children the way I am supposed to anyway.

And we can always pop in STAR WARS or ROBOTS if we need to get our fix.