As you may know, there have been some nasty comments directed at Barack Obama by some people attending McCain rallies. Of course, that has happened in campaigns since Adams and Jefferson were running around.

Nonetheless, The New York Times and other Obama media supporters are more shocked than Claude Rains was in "Casablanca" and are directly blaming McCain. Unbelievable.

Truth is that John McCain has been restrained when speaking about Senator Obama.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We're scared. We're scared of an Obama presidency.

JOHN MCCAIN: I have to tell you he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared as president of the United States. Now I just — now look, if I didn't think I wouldn't be one heck of a lot better president, I wouldn't be running, OK?


Now that took guts. McCain could have easily played into the anti-Obama fervor.

Enter Congressman John Lewis, who told Politico that some criticisms of Obama are inciting hatred. The congressman even brought up George Wallace.

But "Talking Points" is confused. Exactly what criticisms are we talking about, Congressman? He will not say. We invited him on "The Factor." He will not appear. That is not fair. If you light the fuse, you are responsible for the explosion. I didn't hear Congressman Lewis say a word when the Democratic candidate showed up at the Daily Kos convention, did you?

Here we have a Web site that prints stuff like "We hope Dick Cheney and Tony Snow die," and that Sarah Palin's daughter, not the governor, gave birth to the Down syndrome baby. It doesn't get more hateful or vicious than the Daily Kos, but powerful Democrats feel free to support the Web site. And few in the media say a word, except me.


O'REILLY: I'm seeing you go to a Daily Kos convention. And this week, Daily Kos came out and said that Sarah Palin's Down syndrome baby was birthed by her 15-year-old with no proof. They put that on there. But you said good things about them. You showed up to the Kos convention.


O'REILLY: You don't get worse than these.

OBAMA: Bill, hold on a second. I mean, there's a whole bunch of stuff said on FOX about me that is completely biased.

O'REILLY: Correct the record. Correct the record.

OBAMA: Well, but I still don't mind coming on your show. Just because there are a whole bunch of things that may be said on this network that I completely disagree with.


Now "Talking Points" does not excuse bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, and that may have been what the senator was doing. That is lazy and false thinking.

Any American trafficking in hate should be called on it. No politician should ever go to the Daily Kos convention. But it is blatantly dishonest for Obama partisans to scream about unfair attacks when they approve of the same actions on their behalf.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama are honorable men. I believe that. But they represent totally different visions for the country. The campaigns have been tough, but I have not seen any hatred on the part of the two candidates.

What I have seen is partisan hypocrisy. Congressman Lewis should rethink his tactics and enter the real world.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As you may know, Cheryl Burke from "Dancing With the Stars" got a lot of attention. What you might not know is that some pinheads are criticizing her weight. So she has replied.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."


CHERYL BURKE, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": People look at these tabloids, and they have certain people they look up to. And to have people, you know, like me being called fat, what are you going to do when a 16-year-old girl is reading this who may not look like me, maybe a few more pounds heavier. What is she going to do, starve herself to become skinny? Have an eating disorder? You know, you're not only affecting me but you're affecting millions of other people.


Well, good for her. I believe Miss Burke is a patriot for warning kids about obsessing on the weight issue.

On the pinhead front, Jose can you see? Mr. Canseco, the former baseball player and steroid user, was held by ICE at the Mexican border because he was carrying some kind of fertility drug, a substance that can restore some luster to your manhood or something.

Steroids have been known to intrude upon the manhood deal in a physical way and have also been known to shrink heads a bit. So Mr. Canseco is a pinhead.

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