Houston School District Officer Fired Over Distributing 'Ghetto Handbook'

A school district police officer suspended for creating and distributing a "Ghetto Handbook" has been fired.

Gang investigator Roby Morris, 34, had worked for 11 years at the Houston Independent School District before being fired this week, according to an investigation report released Friday.

Morris was placed on paid leave in August after school officials learned of his eight-page booklet subtitled "Wucha dun did now?"

The booklet was given to other police officers at a May roll call and tells them learning the definitions in it will allow them to speak as if they "just came out of the hood."

Police supervisors spoke with Morris shortly after the booklet was distributed and he was issued a written reprimand in June. But the report said there was little follow-up and school district superintendent Abelardo Saavedra wasn't told about the booklet until mid-August.

"This incident represents an egregious violation of our standards of conduct and decency," said school district spokesman Terry Abbott.

Morris told district investigators he made the booklet to get back at one of his bosses. He also pointed out he is married to a black woman and that they have three children together, according to the report.

Morris could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday.

The names of six officers were listed in the booklet as having contributed, but the investigation concluded Morris was the sole participant.