Houston Cops Say Sex Assaults Suspect Pretended to Be Katrina Evacuee

Police arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting at least six women after talking his way into their homes by pretending to be a Hurricane Katrina evacuee.

Ronald Walker, 25, faces three charges of aggravated sexual assault and one charge of sexual assault in connection with a spree of attacks between April 4 and May 10, police said.

"He was so brazen," Houston Police Department investigator Pedro Moreno said. "That was his downfall."

Moreno said Walker befriended the victims by pretending to be a Katrina evacuee, and even spoke with a New Orleans accent.

After lying about his identify to the victims, some of whom were displaced New Orleans residents themselves, the attacker would ask to use their apartment telephones because his car had broken down or someone had broken into it, police said.

Police said Walker would attack suddenly once in the house, sexually assaulting the women and then stealing their money while threatening to have a gun.

Moreno said the attacker also demanded telephone numbers from his victims and would call them days later. The attacker blocked his number from appearing on caller identification when he called back, police said.

He was arrested Saturday when a victim working with police made plans by cell phone to meet with him. Officers were waiting instead.

Police said they are seeking other possible victims.

An official at the Harris County Jail would not allow Walker to be interviewed by the Houston Chronicle. Information on Walker's defense lawyer was not immediately available.

Walker has several felony and misdemeanor arrests and convictions in Harris County dating back to 1997. He pleaded guilty in 1999 to robbery and was sentenced to 10 years in state prison, according to court records. He was released in 2003, police said.