Those sassy gals from "Desperate Housewives" (search) are back on ABC Sports just a month after whipping up a frenzy on "Monday Night Football."

Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan taped an NBA-themed spot on the "Housewives" set Wednesday, according to a report that first appeared on TV Guide Online.

The spot, which ABC officials say is "non-controversial," will air Christmas Day during ABC's coverage of the Miami Heat-L.A. Lakers game.

"They were all sitting on Gabrielle's porch — fully clothed," a source said.

"As in years past, several of our shows taped celebratory promos to air in support of our NBA games," an ABC spokeswoman said. "Our cast members talk about the game and simply look into the camera and say, 'That's why I love this game.' "

The spot is one of many that various cast members from several ABC shows have filmed for the network's sports division, network insiders say.

Last month, some viewers were upset when Sheridan starred in a short sketch before a "Monday Night Football" (search) match-up between Dallas and Philadelphia.

In it, she appeared in the Eagles' locker room, flirted with player Terrell Owens, dropped her towel and jumped into his arms.

The skit touched off a wave of complaints to the FCC — which launched an investigation — in an already sensitive TV industry climate.

The commission has handed out whopping fines to broadcasters for alleged violations of its decency rules.

The next day, ABC apologized for the sketch and the NFL criticized the network for putting it on.

The current crackdown on indecency can be traced back to last year's Super Bowl half time show when singer Janet Jackson exposed her breast, sparking thousands of complaints to the FCC.