Hot Seasonal Jobs!

Forget 9-to-5 jobs! 2006 could be the year for adventure in far-off locales as the popularity of seasonal work heats up. Not just for college kids anymore, recruiters are seeing a big surge of applicants from the “older and bolder” generation. For these employees who are gearing themselves up for the big switch, the seasonal industry is responding with a whole host of fun work options at home or abroad.

“Over the last three or four years we’ve seen a lot more people looking at taking some time off,” says Matt Lucas a representative from “Seasonal jobs are a good option for them, whether it is a college graduate who wants to spend a year exploring before they take that first job, or people who are already in their careers when they realize there is more to life than hunkering down until retirement.”

Experts say it's not just the seasonal industries, but entire geographic areas which are booming, and site Alaska as an example of a trend they’ve been following. An area that floods with tourists and a whole new workforce to serve them each summer, Alaska provides the adventure, experience, travel, and salary that is attractive to a host of new employees. Quaint ski resort towns, and other remote locations are beginning to offer similar employment opportunities where the year-round population is not large enough to serve a seasonal surge of tourists. And as more services are offered, more consumers are willing to travel to these up-and-coming areas.

Technology, too, experts say is a key factor in convincing more employees to consider seasonal work. The advent of online bill pay, cellphones, and e-mail have made the transition simple and seamless.

“It’s a lot easier than it was 10 or 15 years ago, says Lucas. “Now you can work something out with your credit card or bank, have all your bills from home sent to one place and then paid then and there, online.”

Before applying, the experts say make sure you do your research. Being professional and taking the application process seriously will help insure the experience is a good one. They also say it is a good idea to check with your company which may even offer a sabbatical or other creative ways to score some extra time off.

Here, two leading seasonal recruiters, and reveal their hottest trends:

1. Adventure Travel, Land Tour & Tour Guide Positions

Great travel perks, good pay (especially if you can earn tips), meet and get to know people from all over.
Sample Jobs: Bike tours through Europe, jungle tours in Thailand, glacier and wildlife tours in Alaska, bus and mountain bike tours in Australia, walking tours in Key West, hot air balloon tours over France, hiking tours up Mt. Olympus, winery tours to the world's best wine regions.

2. Alaska Fishing Industry

Opportunity to make great money in short periods of time. See amazing scenery and wildlife, adventure, meeting people.
Sample Jobs: Deckhand on fishing boats, fish processors, sport fishing lodges

3. Alaska Travel & Hospitality Industry

Amazing scenery and wildlife. Outstanding outdoor recreation opportunities. Make good money. Meet people.
Sample Jobs: Lodges and hotels, tours and adventure travel, stores and restaurants, cruise ships

4. Cruise Ship Jobs:

Travel to exotic ports. Meet people. All living expenses usually covered.
Sample Jobs: Deck Department, Casino Staff, Cruise Directors, Cruise Staff, Disc Jockeys, Entertainers, Expedition Leaders, Gentleman Hosts, Hosts and Hostesses, Lecturers, Naturalists, Production Managers, Shore Excursion Managers, Shore Excursion Staff, Water Sports Instructors, Lifeguards, Youth Counselors, Beauticians, Cosmetologist, Massage Therapists, Fitness Directors, Fitness Instructors, Medical Staff, Personal Trainers, Air/Sea Reservation Agents, Bar Stewards, Bartenders, Bedroom Stewards, Gift Shop Positions, Hospitality or Hotel Managers, Photographers, Deckhands, Junior Assistant Pursers, Pursers, IT Staff, Dance Instructors, Administration Assistants, Booking Agents, Customer Service Representatives, Sales and Marketing Positions

5. Teach Conversational English Overseas:

Get to learn a new culture. Meet new people. No teaching degree or previous experience required.

Hot regions to teach English: China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil

6. National Park Jobs:

Live and play in some of the most amazing places on the planet. Mountains, desert, seacoast, lakeshore, wildlife, geysers, glaciers and more. Picture yourself in it for a season - or a career.

7. Conservation Corps:

Working to preserve nature’s natural phenomena and landscape. Volunteer and salaried jobs. Guide jobs.