Hooters (search), the nationwide restaurant chain known for its tank tops and chicken wings, raised a few eyebrows when it launched an airline two years ago — but customers seem mighty satisfied and the company has lofty expansion plans.

Hooters planes come equipped with professional flight crews and Hooters girls.

"Everybody that walks off the airplane says it was the best flight they've had in years ... You have double the customer service because you have two Hooters girls plus your flight attendants," said Sallie Hicks, a Hooters flight attendant.

"It's just a whole different concept. It's a more relaxed, enjoyable flight for the passengers as well as for us," said Julie Woodruff, another Hooters flight attendant.

"It's the same thing as other flights except the seats are very comfortable and we cater to everybody, any age. Everybody," Hooters girl Becky told FOX News.

At a time when the whole airline industry is struggling, Hooters Air (search) has had so much success that they are expanding to new businesses and new cities. In just a couple of weeks, it will be offering flights to Las Vegas — where rooms at the old San Remo Hotel are being Hooter-ized to make way for the first Hooters Casino.

The company, which sponsors the Miss Hooter International Swimsuit Competition (search), and Hooters Pro "Cup" Series (search) insist it's all good clean family fun.

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