So the trailer to Quentin Tarantino's latest flick is out and dismemberment plays a starring role.

No surprise here. Body parts are to Tarantino, what clothes are to Kate Winslet: Crap that usually ends up in a pile on the floor.

The other non-surprise: The targets of mutilation are Nazis. See, Nazis are still the only people you can hate without being seen as a "hater."

But it makes me wonder: With so much evil in this world, did Tarantino really need to go back 60 years to find bad guys? Seems to me this movie might have worked just as well if you replaced Nazis with terrorists. And who needs an old dead Hitler when you've got a modern one, here and now, preaching the death of Israel?

Hell, Quentin might have been able to make a decent little anti-terror flick: Something "The Kingdom" might have been, if it hadn't embraced the disgusting "we've seen the enemy and it is us" B.S.

I know, I know: This flick is about World War II, so it's got to have Nazis. But I can't help but think a little transference is going on here. We live in a world where — unless it involves Hobbits or Nazis — it's bad taste to say good and evil exists. There are just "cultures" and while some do truly horrible things, the United States isn't any better. I mean, sure the Taliban throws acid in school girls' faces, but look what we did during Hurricane Katrina.

It's all the same in a world shellacked with relativism.

Still, I'll go see Quentin's film. Brad Pitt with that cute mustache? Who can resist? Plus, I loved him in "Forrest Gump."

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

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