Some of Hollywood's sexiest stars are re-creating the looks of the pin-up icons of the 1940s era in a new book by celebrity photographer Timothy White.

The coffee table book, released by Harper Collins publishers, shows some of Hollywood’s most famous beauties of all ages – including the Olsen twins, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford, Susan Sarandon and Rebecca DeMornay – in sexy, provocative poses.

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The "Hollywood Pinups" book was inspired by artist Alberto Vargas, whose famous “Vargas girls” were shown in Esquire magazine in the 1940s and later painted on the aircrafts of World War II pilots. Vargas later worked with Playboy magazine, where he earned much of his fame by paiting over 150 girls for the magazine in 16 years.

According to the L.A. Times, White said that he didn’t want women that looked like 15-year-olds.

“I wanted bodies that were very different. That was my only criteria,” the Times quoted White as saying.

White also told the Times that he felt he had the artistic license to airbrush and manipulate as he saw fit.

The proceeds of the book will go to Oxfam America, the Times said.

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