Who knew G.I. Joe hates corporate fat cats too?

Because you've probably heard already, but America’s number one movie this weekend is about an evil rich guy intent on destroying the world.

Ring a bell? It should.

This dude's an arms merchant. And for a twist, a Scottish one. Well, somewhat novel. But leaving aside the accent, no mistaking his words. Or Hollywood’s tired old script.

Because as much as the heroes may change, the bad guys generally do not. G.I. Joe just replaces angry guinea pigs in “G-Force” out to wipe out the English-speaking selfish mogul.

I know I keep repeating this...but let me repeat my dare to Hollywood — all of Hollywood. If you can go to such lengths to dazzle us with special effects, why do you always fall back on the same tired old cliché? After all, G.I. Joe is an American hero. He deserves better than to battle an age-old Hollywood stereotypes.

I'm not an apologist for bad bosses, just a realist to say they're not all bad bosses. And they're certainly not all evil. Or in this fiction lunacy, an arms dealer intent on destroying the world. Or in “G-Force”, a household appliance maker magnate, essentially intent on doing the same thing. Or in the lovely "Happy Feet," I guess all of corporate America, intent on destroying our environment and killing off adorable penguins while they're at it

Me? Well, I've had enough of it.

I'm not saying these movies aren't entertaining, although this G.I Joe one, despite my sons' adoration, — they loved it — ain't likely to pick up any Oscar nods. I'm just saying would it kill Hollywood or any creative type to get creative on corporations and get out of typecast mode?

Maybe show a battle of money moguls? One good. The other evil. Fighting off to save the world, or destroy it. Hedge your bets. Dare to say they're not all bad. I mean, if you were to apply the same snap judgments to races, you'd rightly be called on the carpet.

In Hollywood, tripe like this assures you'll someday walk on it. That's not fair to bosses who aren't all that bad. And not fair to kids, who have yet to see any good. It is no wonder they grow up jaded. Even G.I. Joe’s got a 'tude.

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