Hollywood in Mourning: Stars Pay Tribute to Farrah Fawcett | Remembering Farrah: 'I’m a Very Normal Person, I Am'

Hollywood in Mourning: Stars Pay Tribute to Farrah Fawcett

Although Farrah Fawcett’s biggest hit as an actress was as the vivacious Jill Munroe in "Charlie’s Angels" some 33 years ago, she was undoubtedly a cultural icon whose presence captivated young and old, male and female, the world wide. Pop Tarts caught up with some Hollywood stars and starlets, some who were friends and some who were simply fans, to share their strongest memories of the late Ms. Fawcett who succumbed to cancer in Los Angeles on Thursday morning.

Hugh Hefner: "Farrah was one of the iconic beauties of our time. Her girl next door charm combined with stunning looks made her a star on film, TV and the printed page. I was saddened to learn of her passing earlier today and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends."

Chevy Chase ("Man of the House"): "Farrah was more than a beautiful star. She shared the most intimate part of living with the world even as she approached the end of her own life. Graceful in life and graceful as she neared the end, I found working with her to be one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had in film. God bless Ryan and their son and other members of the family."

John Forsythe ("Charlie’s Angels"): "Farrah left an indelible mark on me and the public during her one year reign on ‘Charlie's Angels’. She put up a gallant fight against her unforgiving disease and I send my deepest sympathy and prayers to her family and friends."

Jacqueline Bissett: "In the beginning her hair certainly captured the world and just about every man I know. She took that position and reinforced it with talent and did some really chancy rolls and became a good actress and I think a lot of people were surprised. She has lived life with vigor, she was a vigorous girl."

Alana Stewart ("Farrah’s Story"): Producer and very good friend of 30 years): "One of my favorite memories is a couple years ago when we went to Texas for her Dad's 90th birthday and we drove to Nacadosith to my little home town and we stopped all along the way and ate fried chicken and corn bread and black eyed peas. We just did things that Texas girls do. That was one of my most fond memories."

Susie Coelho (Actress & Former wife of Sonny Bono, Close Friend of Fawcett): "Farrah's infectious smile captured our hearts and our souls. People often wondered what it was about Farrah that caused such a sensation. She was an incredible inspiration because of her tenacity, fearlessness, strength and beauty but I think her most prized possession, and the one that I loved so much, was her vulnerability and uncanny ability to laugh at herself even at the most serious of times. It was uniquely ‘Farrah.’ She had a joie de vivre and a persistence towards life and making a difference. I will continue to be inspired by her and the great legacy she has left. Her spirit will live on in our hearts and minds forever."

Tori Spelling (father Aaron Spelling Producer of "Charlie’s Angels"): "Farrah was an inspiration to all and had the most amazing spirit. She was one of the kindest, sweetest, and funniest women I've had the privilege of knowing and I'm proud to have called her a friend. Her smile will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with her family."

Craig J. Nevius (Executive Producer/Director "Farrah’s Story" & "Chasing Farrah"): "Farrah was and is the true definition of an ‘icon.’ She was of her time but transcended her time. As unique as her name, Farrah was a completely original combination of poster girl, serious actress, tabloid celebrity, role model, talk show personality and social advocate: her career spanned more than four decades and personified the tremendous power and influence of entertainment on our culture. Not many stars can be credited with inspiring both a hair style and changes in legislation (surrounding domestic violence and more recently patient privacy). And she did it without posturing or campaigning but by simply choosing her own path and making her own rules. Farrah remained relevant to the very end. She will be remembered as the modern Mona Lisa and so much more. I will remember her as my friend."

Kim Kardashian: "My sisters and I always joke that we're the new "Charlie's Angels" at home when we're getting orders from our parents. We're always like ‘Yes Charlie!’ So I definitely just say she's completely iconic and has had so many wonderful moments."

Joanna Krupa: "Farrah Fawcett launched a new type of beauty - the woman of superlatives. Big hair, big teeth, big smile and big personality. Her famous swimsuit poster made such an impact though because it displayed another superlative: a BIG zest for life. You looked at this photo and instantly smiled with her."

Annalynne McCord: "I definitely try to mimic her. Have you noticed I do the little thing with my hair? I think it’s just the high waist pants and the hair! Those are my favorite moments of her."

Marisa Miller: "That (swimsuit) poster is just one of the most iconic images out there. She was just so fresh and healthy and gorgeous. Especially for me growing up in California she epitomized that natural beauty. Her on that skateboard - she’s such an icon."

Perez Hilton: "I watched the documentary and I never watch TV. I was so sad and heartbroken and I cried, but also I was torn, because she did some things that I wouldn't have done that her doctors didn't advise. But it was still very brave of her to do it was heartbreaking to watch someone in so much pain."

Dania Ramirez: "The red bikini, the red bathing suit, she's just beautiful and sexy and honestly I don’t think there is one person in the world, woman or man, that doesn't think she looks absolutely amazing."

Remembering Farrah: 'I’m a Very Normal Person, I Am'

Farrah Fawcett was only an "Angel" for one season some 33 years ago, but the late starlet will forever be remembered as the Face of Our Generation.

In 2005 TV Land brought Fawcett to the small screen with the series "Chasing Farrah" and although it wasn’t exactly a ratings hit, it shed light on the simple reason why the world fell in love with the iconic Texan-born beauty.

"I have no idea (why the world is so fascinated), I just must surprise people is all I can figure out. I would like to think that it is because whenever I make a decision to do a project whether its theater or this show or something like 'Extremities of the Burning Bed' that I do something and not repeat myself," she told FOX when launching the show. "So I see the challenge which feeds my creativity. Otherwise I am perfectly happy to stay home and do my art, cook. I’m a very normal person, I am."