Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends;”

It's a Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday and we hope you're having a great short summer week.

Brian's back. On today's program we discovered Brian knows nothing about chairs. He was tapping E.D.'s chair LEG, and referred to it as her KNOB. What kind of man doesn't know the difference between a woman's LEG and her chair KNOB? And since when do CHAIRS have KNOBS? Ask Brian. When you're at it... ask him what color the sky is in his world.

It's great to have him back -- I needed a back waxing.

Over the holiday weekend E.D. and our families got together at Geraldo's lovely Hudson River home. He and his wife Erica sure know how to throw a party! They didn't have a pony... but they did have a MARGARITA MACHINE! It was like having a season pass at 7-11 with the Slurpee machine... but this Slurpee machine gets you liquored up!

As you can see from the photograph in our gallery (SEE PHOTO) Geraldo was busy being Geraldo, kissing women left and right, BUT THAT'S MY WIFE!

Also a special thanks to my buddy Dr. Georia Witkin, who not only is TV's BEST TV shrink... also KNOWS people.... she's tight with the producer of the new Will Smith movie, and she took my family behind the scenes and my daughter Sally Doocy was discovered by a talent agent... got a Hollywood contract... and has already started dating Justin Timberlake (SEE PHOTO of Sally pre-discovery).

For all of you who wanted the post office address of where to send soccer supplies here it is send the to:

Captain Alex Fyfe, HSB 1-37 FA, 3-2 SBCT, APO AE 09385.

I have no idea how much postage is, but it is certainly worth it to those Iraqi kids who need something to kick.

We'll be back to kick around the news and views, and hope you'll join us, tomorrow morning.

Steve Doocy

Tuesday, July 6: Back in the Saddle

This was the Kerry-Edwards (search) show from start to finish today and who better to welcome the ticket then Steeler great, Franco Harris!

Kinda strange but picking John Edwards was a bold move for John Kerry, because they are far from best of friends. In fact they went at it hard and heavy through the nomination process. Rumors began swirling that Edwards was the man for the No. 2 slot after he left his Disney vacation to meet with John Kerry at Madeline Albright’s pad. Seriously, I know Edwards is a true family man, but how disappointed can he be to pulled out of a Disneyland vacation? How many times can you act excited to see Tigger?

One of the topics we did not get to was Time magazine’s story about the Iraqi insurgency. Hopefully we’ll get to him Wednesday. The Oil-for-Food (search) program reveals that the U.S. and U.K. tried to get the United Nations Security Council to stop the kickbacks, but the French and Russians played “delay of game” at every pass.

Also on a minor note, the Wayans Brothers are being sued for stealing the concept to their new movie “White Chicks.” Say it ain’t so! All 22 of the Wayans couldn’t come up with this bad idea themselves? The only thing worse then this movie is being sued for stealing the plot.

If you missed the show Tuesday, you missed the most realistic fake backdrop to any show in “Friends” history. The Susan Estrich live shot from Las Vegas had a distracting fountain that erupted every 90 seconds, normally it’s the unique pitch and timber of her voice that throws you can you imagine our surprise to learn it was just a real good semi HD-TV.

And finally, it’s great to be back on the air after one full week on sabbatical. I took my family to Washington D.C. and got a sensational White House tour from Sarah Keith of the West Wing and Jo from Congressman David Dreier’s office of the Capitol.

My group got a surprise glimpse at the president minutes after landing from the NATO summit. Guess what our kids were excited about was Barney the dog standing by his side. All the other adults were thrilled to see the president in person doing what many of us do after a long trip, simply unwinding.

As you may have heard from Chris Wallace, I can now write off this trip because I did a little work getting an interview with the president himself, one on one in the Oval Office. It was not for TV, but for a book I’m just about done with on sports. It’s titled, “ Games Do Count,” the best and brightest on the power of sports. It will feature 65 short stories on the most famous people in America’s sports sagas. President Bush, like his dad, was an excellent baseball player and he was kind enough to speak with me about. Special thanks to Dan Bartlett, Pam Stevens, Brad Blakeman and may others for making this happen. Last month I spoke with John Kerry and he also has a passion for a myriad of games and still plays hockey today. Most importantly, Steve and E.D. are also profiled in it and their stories in sports will likely surprise you.

See ya tomorrow!


Special thanks to Mike Jerrick and Judge Napolitano on doing too good a job filling in.

Sunday, July 4: Happy 4th!

As Jerrick and I were walking back in from one of our 9 a.m. hour outside segments, I remarked how much fun I was having this weekend. Not that I don't have fun normally (she said, aware the bosses might be reading this...), but this is BIG FUN. For some reason – maybe the weather? guests? — we feel 'on fire', as they say.

There are many reasons, not the least of which is my big score for the weekend — the first cable news network interview with Jack Ryan (search), the embattled Illinois Senate hopeful. His ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan, accused him of taking her to sex clubs during their marriage. The info was buried in their divorce papers and leveled during a child custody dispute. As many of you frequent viewers know, I think the whole thing... stinks, frankly. Mr. Ryan said from the moment he announced his candidacy that he's not going to partake in trash politics. When this "scandal" – if that's what you want to call it — broke, he thought about his family, his son, sanity. On Saturday's show, he insisted yet again he will not engage in WWIII by calling his ex-wife (whom he still has a friendly relationship with...) a liar. To his critics, I suppose, that's the sign of a guilty man. To me, it's the sign of a great dad and true gentleman — a rarity in politics these days. I don't know him well, but I've seen enough to go out on a limb and say he's a good, kind, decent man. We'd be very, very lucky to have someone like him running our country.

Another standout interview — Mike and Julian's interview with Jed Babbin and his not-so-flattering comments on the embattled United Nations (search). FOX News correspondent Jonathan Hunt's been doing a great job unearthing the sleaze; Saturday we heard some pretty convincing reasons why the U.N.'s an "asylum". Check out Babbin's book...

And it's always great seeing Col. Hunt. Great personality, great patriot and great FOX military expert.

Sunday was another solid show. You all noticed the folks outside, waving through the windows, right? Doesn't it always seem like they only wave when we're on set talking about the serious stuff? Or is that just me...? I digress. The crowd today was wild. As we always say, if you head over, out, up, down to New York City, please take the subway to mid-town Manhattan, to 48th and 6th Avenue. Sunday, the folks at 48th & 6th got a taste of some serious BBQ (ribs). See! You missed out! Come on down!

We finished the show; Julian, Mike and I each running off in different directions. Julian, to his wife. Me, to my doggie, Zoe who needed to be taken out. And Mike...hmm. What day is it? He-he. Normally, this being Sunday, we'd say goodbye to each other until the following weekend. But... duty calls, and we'll be back on the air, the weekend crew, bright and early Monday morning.

Come on by — we'll meet you outside. :)

Go Orioles!