A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Budget Cuts

Thursday the president proudly announced $17 billion worth of budget cuts, assuring Americans that he was cutting only the most useless and wasteful programs.

Well, the Associated Press reports that one of the programs the president cut into is a death benefits program for the families of police and other public safety officers killed in the line of duty. Attorney General Holder is the brains behind this budget cut, which reduces the programs funding to $60 million dollars from $110 million.

This just days before the nation's capitol prepares to celebrate National Police Week. What a great way to honor the valiant service of our nation's officers, Mr. President.

A Serious Strategy

Wednesday, President Obama met with the presidents of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and afterwards he took the opportunity to discuss his strategy for combating terrorism in the region. Let's just say it was heavy on generalities and light on details:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Just over a month ago, I announced a new strategy to achieve these objectives after consultation with Pakistan, Afghanistan and our other friends and allies.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I released the Bush torture memos. Al Qaeda is definitely on the defensive now!

OBAMA: Our strategy reflects a fundamental truth.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: That George Bush was wrong.

OBAMA: The security of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States are linked.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: By, like, that terrorism thingy? I think that's what Gates said.

OBAMA: In the weeks that have followed, that truth has only been reinforced. Al Qaeda and its allies have taken more lives in Pakistan and Afghanistan and have continued to challenge the democratically elected governments of the two presidents standing here today.

LIBERAL TRANSLATION: I guess my strategy just hasn't taken effect yet.


Wow, that sounds like a really detailed strategy, Mr. President. I don't know about you, but I'm not resting easy.

Tent City Tricks

Liberals love to talk about homelessness, you know, because new crops of homeless people require new forms of government intervention.

Recently, Sacramento's tent city, which is home to a large homeless population, has attracted a lot of media attention. Oprah, for example, sent a correspondent to tent city in order to "humanize the recession," and suggested that tent city sprang up as the American economy tanked and Americans were forced out of their homes.

But apparently, the facts suggest otherwise. According to a Sacramento homeless activist, the homeless have camped there for decades, and while media outlets peddled the idea that families were driven from their homes, the reality is that, "90 percent of encampment residents were 'chronically homeless' single individuals living on the streets for extended periods."

Then again, the mainstream media aren't exactly famous for letting the facts get in the way of a good story.

Not So Fast, Nancy

The Meltdown is brought to you by the dysfunctional family known as the Democratic Party. It appears that all Democrats are not falling into line in support of the so-called climate change bill, and one Democrat's opposition has even caught the attention of his party's leaders.

At a committee hearing Wednesday, House Agriculture Committee chairman Collin Peterson announced his strong opposition to the legislation. Peterson said, "I'm off the train… I will not support any kind of climate change bill... I don't trust anybody anymore. I've had it."

Wow, looks like Nancy Pelosi may want to revisit these comments that she made to reporters Wednesday:


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: Well, as you may know, this climate change and energy security issue has been my flagship issue as speaker. I'm excited about it. As I have said to my members, we're all going down this path together. This is not leaving anybody out. I believe we will be successful.


I think Representative Peterson would beg to differ, Madam Speaker. It sounds to me like your House is in disorder!

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