Hits and Misses

This is a partial transcript from "The Journal Editorial Report," April 1, 2006, that was edited for clarity.

PAUL GIGOT, HOST: Winners and losers, picks and pans, hits and misses. It's our way of calling attention to the best and the worst of the week.

Item one, there's a battle brewing in a British court over apples, Dan?

DAN HENNINGER, DEPUTY EDITOR: Yes. A big mess. What you've got here is the Beatles Music Company, Apple Music, is attacking Apple Computers in a classic trademark dispute. And it was a hard day's night in the London courtroom, as these two icons of American life were, John Paul, Ringo, and George attacking the iPod.

I mean, this is the most dispiriting thing. I mean, it's the good day sunshine boys against the Macintosh. And what is the world coming to?

So I'm pretty upset about it. But keep one thing in mind. The Beatles are also the guys who wrote "happiness is a warm gun, mama." And Steve Jobs better watch his back.

GIGOT: OK, thanks, Dan.

Next, some people will do anything to avoid rush hour traffic. Jason?

JASON RILEY, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Yes, a man in the Denver area put a mannequin in the passenger seat of his car, so that he could drive in the car pool lane. He cut about 30 minutes off of his commute. It was going very well, this scheme, until he got caught back in January.

And the judge in the case gave him a very interesting sentence. He made him stand on the corner with a sign that said "HOV lane is not for dummies". Busy intersection in Denver. He had to stand there for about four hours.

But he also made him sell the mannequin, which he did on E-bay this week and raised about $15,000. And the proceeds have to go to charity, but I thought it was a very creative punishment and it fit the crime.

GIGOT: It's a power issue. Jason, thanks.

Finally, a big weekend for own Steve Moore, a proud graduate of George Mason University. Steve?

STEVE MOORE, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Paul, I bet when you hired me, you didn't know that I got my economics degree from a basketball school, but this is such a wonderful good news story. George Mason, a school that's only about 30 years old in northern Virginia, is going to the Final Four, as everyone knows. And it's wonderful to see a school from one of the little conferences.

It was the last school picked -- invited to the dance to the NCAA tournament. And it's wonderful to see these players talking about how this is a fairy tale come true. Isn't it wonderful in America that fairy tales still do come true? Go Patriots.

GIGOT: George Mason was your kind of founding father. He didn't sign the Constitution because it didn't have a Bill of Rights. Thanks, Steve.

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