The Europeans called him an alarmist.

They said he seemed aloof and out of touch.

A French newspaper said he championed causes that didn't help his country or any country. That he loved war and feigned a passion for peace.

The Germans criticized him for acting like a statesman, "after the fact."

Even the British said this American president was odd. That his views didn't represent their views. That he was arrogant and even pompous.

They thought he had all the answers. But ended up raising lots of questions.

No, I'm not talking about a president called Bush.

I'm talking about a president called Woodrow Wilson.

He was blasted by Europeans nearly a century ago for espousing ironically the one thing Europeans worship today -- a League of Nations -- now known as the United Nations. They blasted it then. They swear by it now.

We didn't much pay attention to what they thought then. We shouldn't pay much attention to what they think now.

Not because they don't have a right to go on the record. But because they have such a lousy record.

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