Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Show Me the Money

Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe insists the senator's campaign is in — "very good shape on money." But there are more than whispers here in New Hampshire that say otherwise.

TIME Magazine, for example, reports the senator may have as little as $15 million to $25 million left — less than half the nearly $51 million she had in the bank at the end of September. Clinton reportedly spent lavishly in Iowa, where she came in a disappointing third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards.

Fundraisers say they have been told to press potential donors for smaller contributions in order to get them to pony up. Instead of asking for the maximum allowable $4,600 donation to cover both the primary and the general election effort — fundraisers are pushing for $2,300 primary-only gifts. TIME reports that what it terms a "call-a-thon" asking for the smaller contributions was held the day after the Iowa defeat.

McAuliffe says that the Clinton campaign has paid for its staff and infrastructure in the states still to come, but that does not count the huge sums needed for ads.

World View

Maverick Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio today said that while Democrat Hillary Clinton has what he called a good perspective on foreign policy — Barack Obama does not.

Voinovich told reporters — "I think Hillary because of her exposure over the years at the White House dealing with the secretary of state and all that, I think has got a pretty good perspective on foreign policy."

And on Obama — who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee along with Voinovich — quote — "he hasn't had any experience with foreign policy — give me a break!"

Voinovich — who serves in the Senate with Republican candidate John McCain — says he is not endorsing any particular candidate. But he did say that Mitt Romney is the most qualified to be president from a management perspective.

Top Heavies

A rift is said to be emerging between Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iranian supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The International Herald Tribune reports the reason for this is the recent U.S. intelligence report that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program four years ago. That news has reduced the likelihood of a western military move against Iran. And that has led Iranian leaders to move away from their unified front — and talk about internal problems.

Khamenei said in a speech last week that there are what he called "mistakes and shortcomings" in the government. And Ahmadinejad is coming under increasing fire for his economic policies that have led to 19 percent inflation and rising unemployment.

Stick Around

And a 10-year-old Mexican boy really did not want to go back to school after the Christmas break. So much so — that he glued his hand to his bed's metal headboard.

The French press agency reports the boy from Monterey used his mom's industrial strength shoe glue to get the job done. He was stuck to the bed for two hours while police and paramedics worked on him. They finally used a spray to dissolve the chemical adhesive in the glue.

The boy said the holidays were just too much fun to go back to school. But he did go back — a few hours late.

FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.