Hilary Duff Performs in Free Concert for North Carolina Military Families

Singer and actress Hilary Duff took the stage of Crown Coliseum here Tuesday night in a free concert for military families.

Duff, the multi-platinum recording artist and star of movies such as "A Cinderella Story," performed "Hilary Duff Rocks for the Troops" in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg.

Those in attendance were either in the military or have a military family member. Duff has previously made a block of tickets available for military families but decided this time to perform just for them.

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"I think she understands, or at least wants to try to understand, the sacrifices soldiers and their families make," said Cynthia Ivins, who brought her two children, 13-year-old Morgan and 9-year-old Denise, to the concert.

Duff met with a select group of military families before the show, snapping pictures and shaking hands. More than 7,000 people attended the concert.