Hiking Taxes on Oil Companies Will Not Lower Gas Prices

How does putting more taxes on the folks who provide the gas, help us pay for that gas?

Shot down in the Senate today, don't assume the issue's dead today.

I don't care whether you think oil companies make too much money. I do want you to care about whether taxing them more will save you money.

I mean, think about it. Are they going to put that money in a lockbox?

Seemed to work wonders for social security, so sorry if I have my doubts. But maybe you should too.

I'm not here to say the oil companies don't make a lot of money. I am here to say I'm very worried when Congress decides what is too much money.

Oil companies today. Maybe farmers getting rich pushing ethanol tomorrow?

I don't know. This much I do know.

When someone says they want to help you out at the pump, demand they pump out specifics.
Because here's what I demand: I demand that the money you say you're getting from those oil guys goes to us guys. Every penny of it.

I demand that it doesn't go to a bridge in your state, or a boondoggle in your town.

I demand that you can assure me simply taxing them more won't mean they simply hike the price of gas more.

I want to follow your words. But I want to follow your money. Our money, more.

You took it from them to give to us. So Robin Hood, prove that it's going to us, and not to you.

Prove that this isn't Jimmy Carter's windfall tax debacle.

Prove that you've learned from that and won't repeat that.

Prove that the oil companies you insist are so slippery haven't been replaced by politicians even more slippery.

Prove me wrong.

I demand it.

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