As of this writing, it's about as clear as mud who this "high value target" is that's surrounded in southern Pakistan (search).

Wire services are saying it's Al Qaeda's No. 2 man, Ayman al Zawahiri. Another source of mine, who has direct connections to our operatives in the field, says it's more likely to be Mullah Omar, the former leader of the Taliban. This will be a fluid story for hours, maybe even days. I'll talk to my sources between now and tomorrow's show.

By the way, if you want to feel good about our efforts in Afghanistan, go see the new movie "Osama." It's in limited release in theatres around the country. Be forewarned, you will get mad as h--- when you see this movie, but in my humble opinion you will be glad you saw it.

One other thing: Friday is the one-year anniversary of the Iraq war. I'll bet you all remember, as I do, where you were when the war started. I was just home from the hospital with a newborn baby, and got called in to help anchor the coverage. Any of you who are Fox fans know that my friend Shepard Smith was on the air 24/7 and that correspondent Rick Leventhal was embedded with the Marines. Since they're both friends of mine, Shep and Rick are going to stop by the studio tomorrow to share their recollections of the war.

See you tomorrow.