Authorities have charged two high school seniors with murder, accusing them of killing a schoolmate who was dating one suspect's little sister.

Seventeen-year-old Edgar Arturo Sazo and 18-year-old Edson Olvera Garza, students at Westfield High School in the Spring school district, are being held without bail in the Montgomery County Jail.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Lt. Bill Bucks told the Houston Chronicle that 17-year-old Eugene Posana Villaruel, a junior at Westfield, had been stabbed numerous times in the head and upper body. His body was found early Sunday by a jogger in a wooded area, where it had apparently been dumped.

Bucks said the suspects were upset that Villaruel was dating Sazo's 14-year-old sister.

A spokeswoman with the sheriff's office said she did not know if the suspects had an attorney.