High-Fat Diet Cures Boy, 4, of Epilepsy

A 4-year-old epileptic Minnesota boy, who used to suffer more than 100 seizures a day, has been cured — thanks to an extremely high-fat diet, wcco.com reported.

Medication wasn't even touching Max Irvine's condition, and his parents watched hopelessly as their son's condition worsened.

But Dr. Elaine Wirrell, a pediatric neurologist at the Mayo Clinic, suggested Max try the Ketogenic diet, which is low in carbohydrates and very high in fats. Wirrell said research hints the high-fat diet stabilizes brain cells and alters neurotransmitters.

Max's meals consisted of butter and bacon; he was drinking Canola oil as a beverage, and to his parents' amazement, the diet worked.

"I just remember having tears, and thinking how can I be giving my child so much fat," said Kristine Irvine, Max's mother.

Wirrell said she monitors Max's cholesterol, but that kids on this diet do not typically have cholesterol or lipid problems. Today, Max is not taking any medication and he is not suffering any seizures.

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