Several hotels are in hot water with city health officials after a hidden camera investigation showed drinking glasses in guest rooms were not being properly cleaned.

"Basically what they are doing is using glass cleaner to spray the glass, wipe them out and put them back," Randy Searles, a former manager at the hotel who go fired for an unrelated issue, told MyFoxAtlanta's I-Team.

The I-Team's footage shows a hotel employee putting a glass in the dirty sink, spraying it with a blue liquid that on the outside reads, ' do not drink,' rinses it off, dries it and then put's it back.

Similar practices were caught on tape at several other hotels, who later got a written warning from city health officials.

The hotels, who did not ask to see the tapes and declined to appear on camera, denied the allegations or refused to comment.

Click here to see a report from MyFoxAtlanta and watch the hidden camera footage.