Heroes at Heart

Sometimes you don't have to look far for heroes. Sometimes, they're right in front of you.

A Texas foster family (search) comes to mind: He's a minister. She's a minister's wife. They both love kids — all types of kids, from all types of situations. Sometimes bad situations. Sometimes very sad situations.

They are just a stop along the way for these kids, but what a stop.

They can't control what happens to these kids' lives. But while those kids are with them, they want to give some meaning, some happiness, some purpose to those lives. And they do.

What they lack in a lot of material goods, they more than make up for in just doing good. They laugh with the kids. Play with the kids. Provide hope for the kids.

Then they send them on their way, to new families, to finish their good work.

They get no press. No accolades. No media mentions. But the minister's wife tells me their joy comes from a smile, a connection and a life touched.

I live a life talking to great leaders: CEOs, senators and presidents. Leave it to a minister and his wife to remind me others can claim greatness too, without the title, the money, or the status, but with something far richer, something called a heart.

You see, people like that have a way of enriching their visitors too.

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