I know my bosses here won't like this, but I've had enough of the ridiculously intrusive, practically in-her-kitchen close up shots of Martha Stewart's (search) New Bedford home. They are only a tad more offensive than the literally over the top aerial video shots of the same home.

I say, let the woman serve out her house arrest in peace. But we in the media don't do that.

Look, I can see being camped out "outside" someone's home. But peering "inside" is another matter.

And I wish I could say it's a recent thing or a convict thing. No, we were doing this more than two decades ago with Ronald Reagan (search), spying on him at his California ranch.

Today, it's all the rage. Whether it's hovering over Michael Jackson's (search) ranch, or scoping out an ill pope in his hospital room.

For God's sake, stop it.

It's voyeuristic, it's sadistic and it's just weird. And, by the way, it's dangerous.

I think it killed a princess named Diana and I think it kills an industry that looks for respect.

There's nothing wrong with following celebrities. There's everything wrong with stalking them.

There's nothing wrong camping out near their house. There's everything wrong going inside their house.

I'm not an apologist for Martha. I'm just here to ask a question: Can't you get your front page headline, without ramming through someone's front door?

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