Here Come the Waterworks

So John Kerry (search) cried. I say, what's the big deal?

The embattled presidential candidate was apparently moved to tears in New Hampshire Wednesday after hearing a jobless woman's plight. Some cynics say he was faking, but it looked pretty real to me.

Now, I'm not here to judge. But I am here to say that I welcome men showing their softer side. Probably because I'm a huge mush of a softie myself.

You know, I'm so bad, that I have a tough time making it through one of those McDonald's commercials -- you know, the one where the father and son sit down to have a burger? It's not even supposed to be sad and I'm losing it. And you don't want to know what I was like dropping my daughter off at college!

I've been this way since I was a kid. Remember when Bambi's mom got knocked off? I cried for days -- days!

I thought I was alone. I'm not.

My tissue-toting teammates include no less than the president of the United States. He cries a lot -- just like his dad, just like his brother. Jeez, the Bushes are serial softies.

Bill Clinton cried too -- though I have to tell you that I never understood that lip-biting thing.

And so did Rudy Giuliani.

And no one -- no one -- faulted any of them for it.

If only we had cut Ed Muskie the same slack when he cried on wintry day in New Hampshire 31 years ago. Back then tears doomed his presidential bid. Today, they almost make it.

Life has come full circle. Big mushes like myself are now in vogue -- which sort of overwhelms me.

Oh, no, it's happening again. OK, Neil, think happy thoughts. My daughter going to college? No. Me and my wife alone at home? No. McDonald's commercial? No. Ditech commercial, maybe? Oh, boy... tissue time.

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