President Obama has every right to select the people he wants and trusts for his Cabinet, but the United States Senate has not only the right, but the constitutional responsibility to make sure those selections are in the best interest of the United States.

Senators may not like some of his selections, but shouldn't oppose them due to purely political reasons. There ought to be something that fundamentally disqualifies a person from being confirmed.

In the case of treasury designee Timothy Geithner, they have an issue that should force President Obama to give us a better choice.

As I've said, you shouldn't run the IRS if you have a history of running from it.

I'm sure he's a nice man and has many endearing qualities, but not paying $34,000 in personal taxes and then saying "oops" doesn't cut it.

It doesn't work that way for you.

I urge you to e-mail or call your senator this weekend or first thing Monday and let him or her know that giving Geithner a job as treasury secretary is an insult to every citizen who pays his or her taxes on time.

Call every talk radio program you can and speak out.

Go to the blogosphere and urge action on the part of other citizens who are outraged that a man who fails to pay his taxes will get a salary that your taxes pay for.

You can go to my Web site mikehuckabee.com and find the link to the contact information for the members of the Senate.

You might be a strong supporter of President Obama and I'm not asking you to stop — I'm asking you to join me in asking the senators of our nation to not do a disservice to the president and the taxpayers by confirming Timothy Geithner to being secretary of the treasury.

Email or call now — the vote on him may be as early as Monday. There is time to stop it.

That's my view, I would love to hear yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com