Hell hath no fury like a liberal spurned and aren't 28 Republican congressmen who had the temerity to challenge liberal spending about to find out.

They're all targets of a new ad campaign by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
The Democrats are furious these Republicans voted against the stimulus package in the House and now this committee's executive director wants them thrown out of the House.

Why? Because according to DCCC director Brian Wolff, "These are serious times... and hard working families want action, not House Republicans cheering about doing nothing."

Not "nothing" Mr. Wolff -- a lot of nothings. A lot of pork in a stimulus plan that has a lot of waste.

Since when are those who reject stimulus out of step with constituents who'd likely see very little of that stimulus? If you could even call it stimulus?

How would a taxpayer in Atlanta, in desperate need of new schools, benefit from spending millions on them in Milwaukee, where they are not?

And while everyone loves a water park, how is spending millions on one in Miami helping the guy financially under water in Maine?

And since when is it callous to reject $150 million for honey bee research or billions to ward off sexually transmitted diseases?

How is anyone opposed to these deserving of this? Or being told in ads that being against stimulus is like being against families?

Now who's exactly zooming whom here?

The politicians who swear by pork and say all will benefit feeding off the slop at the trough or those who question the cost of the slop and have the nerve to say, "Hey! It's a trough! And we're pigs?"

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