Hell Has Frozen Over

Hell has frozen over.

Hillary Clinton is knocking an opponent over hiking taxes. A Democratic opponent.

Says Barack Obama's plan to lift the Social Security cap on income amounts to a trillion dollar tax increase. Hillary Clinton telling Barack Obama, you'll kill the economy.

Which is sort of like me telling you, those yodels will kill your cholesterol.

But enough about me. Back to us.

Because shock of shocks some Democrats have been listening to us. And they've changed tactics. Away from battling over who can spend more. But, go figure, who will tax less.

My friends, that's a big shift. And the shift has hit the fan.

Because I think Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman. And she's concluded Democrats tripping over themselves going after the rich, now risk going after folks who are far from rich.

And she's worried. Worried enough to conclude, you know something, no one's ever won the White House promising to raise taxes.


So they're back-pedaling faster than me from a veggies-only restaurant.

But here's the thing. I'll never tell you, "Try the salad."

So don't believe anyone who's spent a political life urging tax hikes when they say, "Try some restraint."

I guess I should be pleased when Hillary Clinton says a trillion dollars is too big a tax hike, even for her.

I'd be more pleased if all of these guys stood up and said any tax hike, especially now, is dangerous, especially for us.

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