Hef’s Troublesome Twins Bare Body-Painted Breasts, But Are They Set to Stay Silicone-Free? | Katherine Heigl Inspires Josh Kelley Below the Waist, Halle Berry’s Baby Speaks Three Languages & Oliver Hudson Says Mom Goldie is a Fitness "Maniac" | Sneak Peek: Stars Set to "shag" at Post-grammy Party

Hef’s Troublesome Twins Bare Body-painted Breasts, But Are They Set to Stay Silicone-Free?

Karissa and Kristina Shannon are only 19 years old, but they’ve shacked up with what appears to be a very loved-up Hugh Hefner and even though they’re official girlfriends, the Shannon sisters still chose to bare their breasts at the Super Bowl bash held at the iconic mansion on Sunday. With their hair in pig tails, the girls wore "69" cheergirl midriff tops - only they were made from water and color rather than a needle and thread.

The ladies used half-time to step outside and pose for pictures with fans and were carefully poised in between Hef’s main squeeze, 22-year-old Crystal Harris. After the game the girls returned for another quick cameo alongside Hef who was surrounded by flocks of females all vying for his attention. But unlike most of the playmates hopping around them, are the 82-year-old’s twin girlfriends set to alter the traditional playboy image and stay flat-chested?

"Hef really likes them as they are and so far no plans for surgery have been put in place," said an inside source. "It could just be a matter of time, but as for now they’re content being natural."

But one other (male, mind you) close to the men’s magazine mogul thinks their lack of silicon is already ruining reputations.

"They’re A’s and they’re representing Playboy, ridiculous," said the source.

In the past Hef has happily paid for his lovers to go under the knife, but amid the economy crisis could this be another means for the mogul to save a little money?

Aside from the pole dancers, massage therapists, bunnies and broods of body-painted babes also in attendance at the popular charity-driven party was Denise Richards, Ron Jeremy, AnnaLynne McCord, "Pussycat Dolls" creator Robin Antin, ice-skater Sasha Cohen, former playmate Brande Roderick and Brett Michaels.

But speaking of girlfriends, it seems Hef’s former number one Holly Madison has now fully wiped her hands of the magazine empire. Despite telling Tarts after the break-up that she had full intentions to continue working in the art department, TMZ reported that she resigned from her position this week in order to spend more time in Sin City with her magician beau, Criss Angel.

Katherine Heigl Inspires Josh Kelley Below the Waist, Halle Berry’s Baby Speaks Three Languages & Oliver Hudson Says Mom Goldie is a Fitness "Maniac"

We couldn’t help but notice Josh Kelley was rocking a very racy belt buckle at the Callaway Golf Foundation’s Celebrity Tournament to benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Cancer Research Programs in Los Angeles on Monday. Picture a naughty nurse (who so happens to be blonde and big-breasted) with her leg in the air beneath the caption: "Wanna Play Doctor?"

"I bought it just because my girl (Katherine Heigl) plays a doctor in a TV show, she inspired me," Kelley explained, adding that the two are more in love today then they were even on their wedding day just over a year ago. But what initially drew the singer/songwriter to the Grey’s Anatomy actress wasn’t her ravishing good looks; it was the fact that she reminded Kelley of himself.

"First impressions are huge and that was the thing, we were straight away best buddies. She was just like me - had all my mannerisms. So weird, but I knew she was the bomb," Kelley added. "She was cast in one of music videos and we didn’t meet until the day of filming. Soon she started flirting so I knew I could take the first steps and not be embarrassed, it was awesome."

And it sounds as though Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s ten-month-old daughter Nahla is already one multi-cultural little citizen.

"She will learn Spanish, English and French," Aubry told us. "It’s still hard to understand her, but she’s picking it up already. She’ll be up there with the best soon."

The CK model also added that he’s hoping to become a father again this year (and believes he’ll be "a lot better the second time around") but he isn’t alone in his quest to pro-create.

"For Valentine’s Day, my wife will probably go to a hotel in town, we used to go away somewhere for the weekend but now we have a baby it’s been reduced to a night," Oliver Hudson said. "Although our son won’t be coming, the whole idea is to create another one of him."

And when it comes to playing grandma, Goldie Hawn scores full points in every department.

"She is so amazing, the best grandma of all time," Hudson gushed. "She’s however old and just looks amazing, works out like a maniac."

Sneak Peek: Stars Set to "Shag" at Post-Grammy Party

The likes of Jennifer Hudson, Leona Lewis and the Jonas Brothers are tapped to attend and it looks like they’re going to be in for some serious psychedelic partying at the Official post-party for the Grammy Awards this weekend.

For ten years Mary Micucci of "Along Came Mary Productions" has been responsible for creating the big bash that caters for 5000 guests, but 2009’s 60’s theme to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock bears a special spot in her heart.

"I started my business in the 70’s in the back of a Volkswagen so there are going to be plenty of spray-painted Volkswagens there," Micucci told Tarts.

But that’s the not the only place the celebs can go to get out of the public eye - there will also be an exclusive "Janis Joplin Room" complete with blown-glass, peace signs, waterbeds and bean bags. Micucci also revealed that the musical cast of "Hairspray" will perform, there will also be aerial acts and when the music big-wigs step inside they’ll look up to a 40 x 50 LED ceiling of chasing lights that will replicate the American flag, Love and lots of Flower Power. Even every linen in the room will be tie-dyed or Pucci.

So now for the big question: with all the beer, bell bottoms and babes can we expect some bad behavior too? Stay tuned.

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