Hef Confesses He Can’t Tell His Lovers Apart, Says Kendra’s Baby Will End Up at the Playboy Mansion | Holly Madison Rejected From Sin City Club Over Legal Issues | Nicky Hilton: I’m Not Famous for My Last Name! | Quote of the Day: Jenny Mccarthy on Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Hef Confesses He Can’t Tell His Lovers Apart, Says Kendra’s Baby Will End Up At the Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner has been blessed with three new very gorgeous blonde beauties — two of which are twins. But despite his romantic relationship with 19-year-olds Karissa and Kristina Shannon, the men’s magazine mogul admitted at the recent Playmate of the Year party at The Palms in Sin City that he still can’t really tell them apart.

"I have one little trick, one has a little mark," Hef said, motioning to his neck. "Other than that, I don’t know."

The 83-year-old — who is no doubt living a life beyond most male’s wildest dreams — is also getting ready to see his trials and tribulations on the big screen in an upcoming Brett Ratner flick. And who does Hef want to play him?

"Robert Downey Jr. and I have talked about it, it’s a very real possibility," Hef added. "Downey’s a marvelous actor, I would be honored."

We caught up with the ultimate Playboy (and his three leading ladies of course) again last week at AFI’s Tribute to Michael Douglas where he was glowing about former flame Kendra Wilkinson’s recent pregnancy news.

"Kendra is going to be a good mommy, she’s growing up and Hank is going to be a very good influence on her. They are an ideal couple," Hef said. "I’m sure the baby will end up at the Mansion. We do have (lots of little bunnies). We have a lot of friends and second generation Playmates, so there are a lot of kids around the Mansion these days."

So does that mean the iconic Playboy Mansion is losing its rep as the abode of bad behavior?

Holly Madison Rejected From Sin City Club Over Legal Issues

Speaking of Playboy, these days Holly Madison is Vegas royalty — she's starring in the topless production "Peep Show", filming her own reality television program in the City of Sin and even paid to party at the many hotspots. So it must have been quite the surprise for the "Girl Next Door" to be shunned from Body English at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Sunday night.

According to an eye witness, Madison and her less-than-impressed posse of pals were refused entry to the club because a member of their party, a fellow playmate, tried sneaking in and was not 21 years old. Ouch.

Nicky Hilton: I’m Not Famous For My Last Name!

Nicky Hilton can’t help the fact she’s a hotel heiress, however the 25-year-old fashion designer was quick to hit back at last week’s premiere of Rob "Rob & Big" Dyrdek’s "Street Dreams" when we asked about life as a socialite.

"I’m following my dreams and doing what I love as a designer," Hilton said. "I did not want to be one of those kids with a famous last name that doesn't do anything. That is very unfulfilling to me and (today} I'm very happy."

Hilton’s beau David Katzenberg (son of "DreamWorks" CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg) was a producer on Dyrdek’s skateboarding documentary which sheds light on skateboarders being aimlessly beaten by cops.

"Despite everything I have going on, I still have to go out on the weekends and jump fences and skate school yards and loading docks behind businesses that kick me out," Dyrdek told Tarts. "My whole life I was running from cops. Here’s a guy with a TV show on MTV who is really successful and I already had my movie in the can, and I was skating at a school in Santa Monica and cops come charging in I was running away with 15-year-old kids that live in the neighborhood."

Quote Of The Day: Jenny Mccarthy On Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Jenny McCarthy got her big break by baring all as Playmate of the Year back in 1994, but that’s where the busty blonde draws the line. So what’s her advice to upcoming actresses?

"Don’t sleep with anyone — at least not for a role," McCarthy recently told us. "But for fun, who cares …"