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We have good news... or at least better news than we had on Thursday. Hurricane Wilma (search) has lost some power. Of course, just because she is not a Category 5, is no reason for us not to respect her. But there is no question that a Category 3 (or lower) is "better" than a Category 5 hurricane. Even if she drops down to a tropical storm, we need to make sure we take all the steps appropriate to protect those in her way. Tropical storms can dump lots of rain, causing trees to fall and power outages. As we watch this hurricane, we are also packed in the event the network thinks we can better cover it by being on the scene.

Here is an e-mail from an unhappy viewer — who may want to see my answer which follows:

E-mail No. 1

Please help me to understand why a story about Jennifer Anniston kissing Vince Vaughn would be more important than your covering a missing African-American college student from Illinois who has been missing for a week. I am sending this to several different e-mail addresses, in hopes that someone will listen. I've seen coverage of this story on only 1 of the major networks (MSBC), which consisted of a short phone call from someone here in Normal. At least they did provide some sort of coverage. None of the other major news networks have picked up this story, yet when Caucasian students are missing (Natalee Holloway (search), Taylor Behl, etc.) there is no lack of coverage.
You advertise yourselves as the fair and balanced network; however I don’t see anything fair or balanced about your lack of coverage of this story...

ANSWER: I don't know about the Jennifer Anniston/Vince Vaughn reference (it was not on our show), but I do know something about the missing student. On Tuesday night we planned to do a segment on this disappearance. We had booked a guest on this early in the afternoon on Tuesday. One of my producers spent a considerable amount of time developing this segment for us. I forgot which segment we had planned to do this story in on Tuesday, but during a show break, and before the scheduled segment, I was told the guest cancelled on us. This was a surprise... coming in the middle of the show! Of course this left us in a bit of a bind since this was happening mid-show.

What happened is that the guest called our control room while we were already well into our show and said that she had received a call from the family who said the disappearance is a "private matter" and that they did not want anyone to discuss the disappearance. Hence the guest said she would not be joining us. We were suddenly in a bit of a bind. If you paid careful attention to Tuesday's show from our New York Bureau, you will recall that I had said goodbye to Dr. Baden and then he showed up again later in the show. Why? Because mid-show, after the scheduled guest cancelled, we needed a guest and we suddenly asked Dr. Baden, who was leaving the set, to stay and discuss another case. He did. I guess the transition, which seemed awkward to me at the time, went pretty well since no one wrote me about it.

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
I watch your show almost nightly... thanks for the great job.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Daniel Horowitz (search) and his family during this tragic time. To think that a 16 year old took his wife's life when he was away from their home. He has a long road ahead of him, but I hope to see him again on FOX... he is an asset. Perhaps his work will help him cope with his loss.
I hope they lock him up for life even being a minor and that child is never set free.
I'm a paralegal and this type of crime makes me reconsider working for a criminal attorney. I'm not sure if there is a connection, but it does make one think twice.
Keep up the good work!

ANSWER: Not everyone arrested is guilty. Plus, the Constitution demands that those accused get lawyers.

E-mail No. 3

My heart goes out to Daniel Horowitz in the loss of his wife, Pamela Vitale. When this tragic story first broke, I heard many commentaries about their relationship and how, they were, "soul mates." It was reported that the love between them was very "visible" to all around them, even after several years of marriage. Please extend my deepest sympathy to him in this horrific loss. I pray that he will be able to go forward and that those who know and love him will provide the support he will undoubtedly need.
San Diego, CA

E-mail No. 4

I think reporters for FOX should look into whether or not this 16 year old had an online blog. A lot of these nutty kids today actually admit their crimes online.
Bernadette Phillips
Dunmore, PA

E-mail No. 5

Please remember to tell Orlando Salinas (search) to wear safety glasses when standing out in the hurricane this time around. Hey, I'm really serious about his. Yes, we viewers love the live coverage. There's little better in the world than seeing Geraldo's hair rearranged by hurricane force winds :-) But we don't want to see 60+ mph winds driving sand, rain or debris into some reporter's eyes. I'm sure I speak for his mom when I say, "Orlando, put on some safety glasses, man! You've only got one pair of eyes!"
Best Regards,
Lee Tipton

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
I had the unfortunate luck to be named Wilma. I grew up in Queens, New York with the name Wilma Schneck. God knows it was not easy. I waited 56 years to become famous and this is what I get? I turned out to be a wife of 35 years, a mom of three and a grandma of two. I don't want to be a hurricane!

E-mail No. 7

While watching your show just now, I am wondering if perhaps this kid had a strange obsession or crush on her, she refused his advances, and he went into a rage.

E-mail No. 8

The carving on the victim’s back and the repeated beating, make it look like the kid is being framed. The kid may be crazy, but is he stupid?
James (Ernie) Acre

E-mail No. 9

Great comments from your legal panel tonight! I have to admit that I am finding myself agreeing with Jane Weintraub for the first time ever! I also believe there is much more to the Pamela Vitale murder than what we know now. I hope justice is served for Daniel Horowitz and his beautiful wife.
Good show!
Los Angeles, CA

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